Logitech MX Vertical Mouse Review – A Must Have Office Accessory

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The MX Vertical mouse from Logitech is a bit pricey, but are the features worth the investment? In the review, I tell you why it's a must-have desk accessory.

As a lover of office supplies, I was intrigued when Logitech announced the MX Vertical mouse. While gadgets like mice are really about the feel and use (office use or gaming), a vertical mouse is definitely for long-term comfort. This is my first time trying a vertical mouse. Check out my thoughts on the design and use.

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Like most ergonomic/vertical mice, the MX Vertical mouse has a slightly more awkward design than regular mice. It looks like Logitech took the MX Master 2S mouse and raised it to an angle, a 57-degree angle to be exact. The base of the MX Vertical is wide. It helps with the grip of the mouse, and the resting spot for your thumb.

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It has the same buttons as a regular mouse does, the two main right and left click-buttons, the scroller in between the main click buttons, toggle buttons, DPI, and USB-c port. The bottom of the mouse has the toggle switch that allows you to switch between three devices. The MX Vertical is a dark grey with a silver border on the top. There is nowhere in the mouse to store the USB dongle, so if you’re not using it, you’ll have to store it externally. That’s something minor as most workstations have Bluetooth capabilities. But if you travel often, having a loose dongle can get annoying.


Comfort and Use

For any mouse to be comfortable, it has to be big enough for your hand to rest on it comfortably. The base of the MX Verticle is big enough to support your thumb, and also to house the rest of your hand for easy clicking and scrolling. The textured material also allows for a good grip while in use. The base is sturdy enough to keep the mouse upright. Never toppled over on me.Logitech MX Vertical Mouse Review (16)

When I first saw the design of the MX Vertical, I thought it would take me a while to get used to it. I couldn’t believe how comfortable it was, and how quickly I adapted to it. Your fingers fall in the same place as traditional mice. There is really nothing to get used to. It actually feels more natural because you’re not twisting your wrist. I feel the difference when I go from using the MX Vertical at my office, back to using a traditional Logitech mouse at home. While I find it comfortable for me, those who are left-handed won’t be able to use it. The arch of the mouse is meant for right-hand use and it’s pretty solid. Unless lefties make an exception when using mice, the MX Vertical is a no-go for them.

The mouse feels great and it’s nice to use, but it also enhances productivity. Like some of Logitech’s other products, the MX Vertical connects to up to three different devices. That’s already dope. To make things better, you can drag, or copy/paste between devices using their Flow feature. You have to download Logitech Options on the devices you’re “flowing” between. Make sure the devices are connected to the same wifi network. This is what allows you to copy and paste files between computers, up to three of them.  It connects to both MacBooks and Windows devices.

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Since the MX Vertical can be used across three different devices, Logitech made sure you can one way or another. The mouse connects via Bluetooth, USB dongle, and you can even use the USB-c cable it comes with and use it wired to your computer. You can also use the USB-c cable to charge it. The mouse has a 240 mAh battery. A full charge is supposed to last you four months. I haven’t used it for that long yet, but after charging it a couple of hours a few weeks ago, I haven’t had to charge it since.USB-C Charging Port - Logitech MX Vertical Mouse Review (16)

The MX Vertical has a 4000 DPI high-precision sensor, which allows me to not have to use the mouse as much. I haven’t had any scroll or connectivity issues. You can change the speed and accuracy of the cursor with the cursor switch that is on the top, silver part of the mouse.





At $100, the MX Vertical Mouse is a deep investment in your setup. Do I recommend it? Yes! It’s great for those who have multiple workstations (laptops/desktops) in one area. You can get the mouse at Logitech.com or amazon.com. So far the price seems steady at $99.


Using the MX Vertical, you’re increasing comfort while working. If you spend a long time at your workstation, proper form can help with fatigue and long-term pain. I feel a lot better using the mouse at an angle, as opposed to keeping my hand flat. It’s something I didn’t know I needed and I’d recommend it to everyone. Logitech hit all the major points with this MX Vertical. Every workstation should have one.

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