PureGear Announces PureCam Connected Car Security System #CES2019

PureGear PureCam Connected Car 4G-Lte dashcam
The PureCam Connected Car security system has been announced at CES 2019. Check out all of the features it has. #CES2019

PureGear has announced their dash cam at CES 2019. The PureCam Connected Car security system 4G/LTE dash cam has tons of features. It has two cameras, one to record inside and outside. The 4″ LCD screen has picture in picture capability. It has built-in wifi, and GPS to easily locate your vehicle. The front-facing camera records in 1080p, 720p, and VGA; interior-facing camera records in 720p as well as IR for night mode recording Check out more features here:

PureCam Connected Car Car System Features: 

  • Built-in G-sensor alerts the PureCam when activity has occurred and saves those videos to the cloudPureGear PureCam Connected Car 4G-Lte dashcam
  • 24/7 parking mode will monitor your vehicle while you’re away
  • Live streaming allows you to watch over loved ones
  • Dual cameras allow you to record events occurring both inside and outside the vehicle simultaneously
  • Internal camera is equipped with night vision
  • High-Definition LCD color screen includes Picture-in-Picture function


PureCam Connected Car – Pricing and Availability

You can get the PureCam Connected Car dash camera on Amazon.co for $249.99. The dash cam comes with a 16GB memory card included.