Microsoft Surface Go Laptop Review

The Microsoft Surface Go is supposed to be an entry-level Surface 2-in-1. After a few weeks with it, I feel some Surface lovers should consider it over the Pro and maybe the Surface Laptop 2.



The Surface Go is easily recognizable. It looks like a blend between the Surface RT and Surface Pro. Noticeably smaller in the size the Surface Go still feels sturdy and comes in weighing just over a pound. You have large bezels, especially for 2018 / 2019 standards. The rounded corners make it look more tablet-like over 2-in-1 laptop look. I feel it makes it look a bit outdated. The webcam is 5mp, while the rear camera is 8mp. What’s great is that you still have a microSD card slot and USB-C charger. You also have a headphone jack on the right border of the screen.

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The Surface Go is the type of 2-in-1 you won’t mind carrying around every day. That’s if you have the accessories that you have to buy separately. You can, of course, use the Surface Go on its own, but it’s not as useful. With the keyboard, you can go the extra mile in productivity. It has a trackpad that works well for the most part.

There are three configurations you can get. The most affordable version is the 64GB version.
64GB Storage with 8GB RAM – Wifi Only
128GB Storage with 8GB RAM -Wifi Only
128GB Storage with 8GB RAM – LTE Version

I don’t do too much work outdoors, but when testing the screen outside on one of the few bright days New York has had, it fared well. It takes a bit to get used to typing on the slightly smaller keyboard, but that’s expected.

The keys are still full-sized, there’s just less space between them. The keys are comfortable to type on, and you do feel a good amount of key travel when typing. The only problem is when typing on my lap. The Type Cover keyboard is sturdy, but it doesn’t work well against the weight of the Surface Go when it’s on your lap. If you push the screen back far enough, the Type Cover can’t handle it, and you risk the Go falling. And even when you don’t push it backward, pressing the keys is just more difficult on your lap. The Alcantara material feels amazing. It is soft to the touch. I try to wipe it clean as much as possible. You can barely see the usage, but I feel in time you may find stains from my wrists on it.

The Surface Pen is another accessory that you can buy for the Go. That’s another $100 on top of the price of the Surface Go and the Type Cover. While I believe that you definitely need the Surface Type Cover keyboard to make the most out of your Go laptop, I don’t believe you really need the Surface Pen. Is it useful when needed, well yes. But I found that you need it less and less unless you’re doing some heavy slides or image editing.
I barely used the two cameras available on the Go. I took a couple of flicks to see how it works, and the pictures are clear enough.


As for battery life, I wasn’t expecting the Surface Go to last all day because of its size. I get a few hours when doing basic things like email and document editing. I get a good six to seven hours of use. It can handle the everyday office workload with no problem. The Surface Go breezes through having some tabs open and music streaming. The speakers on the Surface Go are loud for being so small. They face you, so you hear your media clearly. I am glad the Go has a headphone jack. The iPad Pro 11-inch doesn’t have one, and while I usually go with wireless headphones, it’s good to have the jack there for those that don’t.


The Surface Go starts at $399 (for 64GB storage version). While affordable, the need to buy accessories and preferably a higher-spec model, it goes above the $500 range. I just don’t think that 64GB is enough, especially if you’re using it daily. That space will go fast. You can check out the options and bundles for the Surface Go at

The 128GB / 8GB version I have gets the day-to-day tasks done. You get a reliable well-built everyday laptop. I am usually connected to wifi, but if you need a constant connection, there is a Surface Go LTE. If you want something with lots more power, but a similar build, going with the Surface Pro 6 would be the best choice. If you want more options, then go to this page.

Microsoft Surface Go 2-in-1 Laptop




Design / Build


Battery Life



  • Good display
  • Light and Portable
  • Decent Battery Life
  • USB-C Charging Port


  • Bezels are slightly TOO big
  • Accessories sold separately
  • Not comfortable to use on lap