Tile Announces New Tracker and Refreshes Lineup

Tile is well known for their trackers. They have announced a new line-up today.

One of the new trackers is called Sticker. As the name indicates, with the help Sticker, with the help of 3M, is a tracker with an adhesive that can be placed on objects. It has a tracking distance of up to 150 feet. I think it’s something consumers have been waiting for.

The Sticker is the only new tracker. The Tile Slim tracker came back refreshed, slimmer than before. Now in the shape of a credit card, the Slim tracker is thinner and has a tracking distance of 200 feet. It also has 3 years of battery life. The new Tile Mate and Pro models have extended range, enabling users to locate things faster no matter where they are. For those who value high-performance, durability, and strong design, Pro continues to deliver as the most powerful finder on the market with an unprecedented Bluetooth range of 400 feet.

Pricing and Availability

New products will be available today at Tile.com and major retailers; including Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowe’s and Target, among others.

  • Tile Sticker: Available in Black, starting from $39.99 for a 2-pack, $59.99 for a 4-pack
  • Tile Slim: Available in Black for $29.99
  • Tile Mate: Available in White, for $24.99
  • Tile Pro: Available in Black and White, for $34.99

Tile also has multi-packs available.

  • Tile Essentials: 2 Tile Stickers, 1 Tile Slim, 1 Tile Mate available for $69.99
  • Pro Combo: 2-Pack at $59.99 and 4-Pack at $99.99
  • Mate: 4-Pack available at $69.99
  • Tile Mate/Slim Combo: 2 Mates and 2 Slims, available for $74.99
Tile Slim tracker with Tile App

So how does Tile and the Tile community work?

When an item is truly lost or left behind, it’s the Tile Community that steps in to help. Once an item is marked as lost, if any member of the Tile Community spots the missing item, the owner is automatically notified with its location. Tile’s ever-expanding Community, comprised of all customers with the Tile app as well as access points, finds more than 90% of items marked as lost.