Stylish Bose Frames Available at Best Buy

Bose has brought their great audio to sunglasses. With three different styles available, the Bose Frames do not only bring you classic look, but they also bring you tech as well.

For people who are uncomfortable always having their ears covered with earbuds or headphones, the Bose Frames might be a good idea for you. They offer the ability to listen to music wirelessly, without isolating you from your surroundings.

The Bose Frames have built-in speakers that allow you to listen to your music without blocking out the world around you. Surprisingly enough, even with speakers and microphones onboard, the frames aren’t too bulky, and they don’t weigh much either. They don’t look like some hybrid sunglasses. They pull off the simple look rather well. When you get closer, however, you see the charging prongs on the inside of the legs. It’s discreetly placed. I love that the glasses have just one button to control everything. You can even use the universal button to make and end phone calls too.

The build quality seems to be really solid. The shatter- and scratch-resistant lens are great for busy people on-the-go, who just throw the sunglasses in the pocket. They also come with a very nice protective case, which I use religiously to prevent deeps cuts and to keep the frames aligned.

You connect the Frames with the Bose Connect app. It explains things thoroughly and gives you some cool suggestions to name your glasses. Its pretty easy to navigate. As expected, the frames don’t have huge batteries on them, but Bose claims you get up to 3.5 hours of battery time. It’s great that even when I had the volume very loud, people closeby couldn’t hear the music.

The small size of the speakers doesn’t compromise the sound either. You still get great quality sound, even if it’s not directly on your ears. I never had it on for more than nearly a couple of hours, and even then there was still some battery life leftover. If you’re one of those that rely heavily on a smart assistant, you can use either Google Assistant or Siri with the Bose Frames.

You can learn more about the Bose Frames HERE: