Google and Verizon Partner to offer Stadia to New Fios Gigabit Customers

Promotional deals when switching to a new service are always good. Verizon just announced their new deal for new customers getting Verizon Fios internet and cable service, aka Verizon Mix and Match. Here are the three main things to know

1. What is Mix and Match? Have it Your Way

You no longer have to get bundles you don’t want. You can get just internet service, or both internet and cable. You can choose the internet speeds you want, too. If you want it all, you can add home phone service for $20 a month. All about the choices. Don’t have to get bundles for the best rates.

2. Streaming Content and Gaming With Google Stadia

Verizon offers Gigabit internet service which goes up to 940 /880 Mbps. Great for those who stream most of their content and of course heavy gamers. Google and Verizon have partnered to offer new Gigabit internet service customers, Google Stadia (a cloud gaming platform that allows you to play over TVs, laptops and certain phones). New customers will get a new Google Stadia Premier Edition with three months of service. Premier Edition comes with a Google Chromecast Ultra (for 4K/60fps streaming) and the Stadia controller. After the three months, the Stadia service is $9.99 / month. Right now there are over 20 titles available on Stadia, including Destiny 2, Tomb Raider, and Dragonball Xenoverse 2. If Stadia isn’t the promo you want, you can go for the $100 gift card.

3. Pricing and Availability

The Mix and Match plans go live next week on January 29th. Fios Gigabit packages start at $79.99 per month and are ideal for a virtually seamless entertainment and gaming experience. New Mix & Match on Fios subscribers who choose Gigabit get a brand new Fios Home Router featuring WiFi 6 technology included. From there, you can choose a TV package based on the channels you love, or stick with your favorite streaming service, like YouTube TV, offered free for the first month. Check out the My Fios app or at visit to learn more about Fios Gigabit, Mix & Match on Fios and how to get a free Stadia (starting January 29).