iOttie iON Wireless Duo Fast Charging Stand and Pad [Review]

In a world where there’s a huge number of phones and accessories that support wireless charging, you’ll want to find a wireless charging device that can not only juice up your devices quick, but offer efficiency. Does the iOttie iON Wireless Duo Fast Charging Stand and Pad make the cut?

What’s The Look and Feel?

There are tons of single wireless charging pads, stands, and combo chargers on the market. So iOttie did their best to differentiate by offering the dual charging system at an affordable price point.

The Wireless Duo features the best of both worlds by incorporating both a pad and stand to fast charge any Qi-enabled smartphone and accessories. Qi is the universal standard across tech as the wireless charging protocol, but curiously not every device supports this standard quite yet–more on that later.

The Wireless Duo I received came in their “light grey” color, with a matching fabric wrapping on the stand to give it a more premium look and feel. It also comes in a dark navy color that may be more suitable for certain color schemes in your home or office. The stand and pad sit atop a slip-resistant platform made of a simple plastic material with rubberized footing on the bottom to prevent slip. There are two tiny pinhole-sized LED lights, one each under the stand and pad; that light up in white to indicate that the device or accessory is indeed charging.

What About The Fast-Charging?

A DC port connection delivers the juice through a Class 2 power supply brick, which means you plug it into any standard outlet to deliver the juice. The branded power brick itself is fairly large, slightly shorter than an Amazon Fire remote. It definitely takes up precious outlet real estate since it’s shaped like a thick and wide ladyfinger cookie. You’ll definitely want to put this on the lower rung of your outlet wall plate or you’ll end up covering an open slot. Due to its size, if you’re plugging into a surge protector, you’ll need to place this on the outermost outlet as you probably won’t be able to fit it between other plugs anyway. That said, the power cord itself is a respectable 4 ft.

The upright stand section of the Wireless Duo has two-10W charging coils built-in, which allows you to charge your phone in a vertical or horizontal position. The stand tilts at a (personally speaking) perfect 65-degree slope, which mitigates glare. This also leans your phone camera at an angle most suitable for the constant barrage of zoom calls and FaceTime sessions we’ve all grown to love/hate in the pandemic. The flat pad section has one-10W charging coil and is suitable for all sorts of Qi-enabled accessories, or even another Qi-enabled phone.

I loved having my phone charging within reach and eyesight as I worked at my desk throughout the day. Since the Wireless Duo will still charge your phone whether its in resting in portrait or landscape orientation, you can watch all the YouTube or TikTok videos you can stand while never worrying about your phone dying.

What The Experience Like?

The iOttie Wireless Duo proudly boasts fast charging capabilities for Qi-enabled phones, which means a maximum charging output of 7.5W for iPhone (starting with the iPhone 8 and later) and 10W for Androids (starting with Android phones as far back as phones from 2011/12).

In one test I allowed my phone to get down to 18% before placing on the Wireless Duo’s stand to charge. Within 20 minutes I was up to 48%–which is pretty impressive speed-wise considering that’s more than enough power to get through the remainder of the day. I’m happy to say it does work even if you have a phone case. I have the fairly thick, Zagg brand, gear4 Crystal Palace case in Iridescent color on my iPhone 11 and it charged without issue.

I was unable to use the charging pad for my AirPods since they’re first-gen and don’t have wireless charging capabilities. With my Apple Watch Series 3, I was quickly reminded of Apple’s annoying choice to not provide support for the Qi wireless charging standard for that product. In order to power up your Apple Watch, you’re stuck using Apple’s proprietary chargers. Despite the fact that late-model AirPods and even the iPhone support Qi, that support still isn’t anywhere in sight for the Watch. Bummer. Still, I wanted to see it working so I just rested my phone atop the pad and it charged pretty much the same.

What’s The Bottom Line?

Though there are competitors that also offer similar features, they’re mostly centered for accessories alone, are only flat pads, or single stands with no dual support. And the rare chargers that incorporate both a stand and pad, don’t offer the same versatility. Overall I was very happy with my experience with the iOttie iON Wireless Duo Fast Charging Stand and Pad. The Wireless Duo offers quick charging for two devices/accessories at once, includes a stand for added utility, and comes in a clean look and feel that will represent nicely on a desk. side-table, or countertop without taking up too much space. The pricing is pretty amazing for everything you get in the package so I can easily recommend this.

You can find the iOttie Wireless Duo Fast Charging Stand and Pad retailing for $59.99 on the iOttie website, or you can save some coins and hit up this Amazon link to purchase for $48.06 (as of the time of this writing).

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iOttie Wireless Duo Fast Charging Stand and Pad




Look and Feel




Charging Speed



  • Simple and Sleek Design
  • Fast Charging
  • Great Price for the Features
  • Takes Up Little Space


  • DC power brick is bulky
  • Limited color options