Kew Labs’ UTS-1 Long Distance Qi Wireless Charger Can Help Keep Your Desk Setup Clean


Wireless charging has become way more mainstream in the last couple of years. There are all types of wireless charging pads and chargers available. Kew Labs has created a new product in that category. It can charge through nearly an inch thick surface. So you can place this wireless charger under a desk and have a clean setup. Giving the illusion of “invisibly” charging your devices.

  • Versatile long-distance charging offers charge-power through surfaces of between 18-25mm (~1 inch) with ease and safety in mind
  • Reduces heat damage to lithium-ion batteries in smartphones by allowing them to charge more efficiently than other wireless chargers
  • Auto-shutoff when the device is fully charged, preserving long-term battery health for your device
  • Foreign object detection, overcharge protection, overcurrent protection, and temperature-controlled shut-off ensure a safe, reliable, and rugged design
  • Offers a sleek, no-cord design aesthetic for any home or office space
  • Patent-pending audio confirmation technology aids in perfect placement of device for optimal wireless charging environment
  • Easy installation makes setup quick and easy for wireless charging beginners

The Kew Labs UTS-1 wireless charging pad is available on their site, for $104.99. You have to pick for which phone models the charger is for: