myCharge Mag-Lock MagSafe Powerbank Review

The myCharge Mag-Lock MagSafe portable battery can charge an iPhone 13 Pro fully almost twice. Check the review for details of our experience.

Battery packs have helped us so much. With larger displays on thinner phones, battery life is definitely not what it used to be. We have lots of choices to pick from when it comes to portable battery packs. I’ve been using myCharge products for over a decade. So now that I have upgraded to the iPhone 13 Pro, I was super excited to try out Mag-Safe products. myCharge sent over their Mag-Lock MagSafe portable battery pack to check out.

What is MagSafe?

MagSafe is Apple’s magnetic technology. With MagSafe, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models can charge wirelessly (it will work only with other compatible MagSafe products). If you are using a case on your phone, it has to be MagSafe compatible. The cases will mention if they are MagSafe compatible.

myCharge MagLock MagSafe Powerbank Design and Build

The myCharge Mag-Lock power bank looks like your typical portable battery. I have the 6,000 mAh battery size (it’s also available in 3,000 and 9,000 mAh sizes and in five colors) It comes with a USB-C to USB-A cable to charge. My graphite color battery has a glossy clear plastic coating over it. When holding the MagLock battery upright, the USB-c charging port is at the bottom. The battery indicator button and indicator light are on the side (when on the iPhone, it’s on the side of the iPhone’s power button). It’s thicker than the iPhone with a regular case on it.

Experience myCharge Mag-Lock MagSafe Powerbank Design and Build

There’s not much to do with the battery pack. Charge it up and use it when needed. With the 6,000 mAh Mag-Lock power bank, it can charge up the iPhone 13 Pro fully almost twice. The iPhone 13 Pro has a 3,227 mAh battery. It is pretty nice to be able to just snap on the battery pack and it just starts charging. The magnets are pretty strong and snap right into place. Once it snaps into place, it makes a chirping sound. It also makes a similar chirping sound when you take it off the phone. Even with a few shakes and wiggles, the battery won’t come off. You have to pull it off the phone.

There is one con to the Mag-Lock power bank. It is a bit tall for the iPhone 13 Pro. If you open the camera app while the Mag-Lock battery pack is snapped on, you will see the battery pack at the bottom of the image as a blurred object. I imagine this isn’t a problem for the taller iPhone 12 Pro and 13 Pro Max phones. It’s pretty annoying. You can see by the placement on the phone, that it gets a bit on top of the rear camera. So if you’re in the middle of snapping photos with the rear camera, the Mag-Lock battery pack will mess up those pics. But when doing other things, it helps you o

Pricing and Availability

myCharge Mag-Lock MagSafe portable power bank

There are three battery sizes available: 3,000, 6,000, and 9,000 mAh. As expected, the bigger the size, the thicker the battery. It’s also available in five different colors, Graphite, Purple, Pacific Blue, White, and Red. The prices start at $50 and go up to $70. There have been a couple of sales on Amazon to get the price down to as low as $30.


I love the ease of use of the Mag-Lock MagSafe portable battery. Of course, there is room for improvement. If it had a port to charge other devices, it would be nice. For now, you can only charge iPhones with the Mag-Lock battery pack. I recommend it for any iPhone user. Depending on the use, of the phone, you can pick a compatible battery size. I think you can’t fail with the 3,000 or 6,000 sizes as gifts. Portable and Affordable is a win-win.