OnePlus 10 Pro 5G Review – OnePlus Has Come a Long Way!

Can’t believe we’re reviewing the OnePlus 10 Pro 5G! OnePlus has been in the game for a while now, and the 10Pro 5G shows it. Their flagship was announced all the way back in January at CES 2022 and was released a few months later. Checked it out for a bit, and here’s what we thought.

Design and Build

This phone has a massive display. With a 6.7-inch QHD res display, the OnePlus 10 Pro 5G is tall with slightly curved edges. It’s a design we’ve gotten used to the last few years. Easy to hold and maneuver. Feels great in hand, even though it’s slippery. The 32MP punch-hole selfie camera is on the top left corner of the display, and the three main cameras are in the back, a 48MP main camera, a 50MP ultrawide camera, and an 8MP 3.3x telephoto lens. The alert slider, to change from vibrate to silent, is still there. Love the build on this phone. It’s not wide and not too heavy. Very comfortable!

Day-to-day Experience

It seems that OnePlus has been listening to its fans. One thing OnePlus phones have that is always great is just a smooth experience. This phone is just zippy. No bugs, no lag. It’s hard to go from the 10Pro back to another Android phone. And I’ve been using a few current ones like the Pixel 6 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The user interface on OnePlus just flows so well. It’s my favorite thing about using their phones.

It’s using Qualcomm’s latest chip, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, paired with 8GB of RAM. As for software, it’s Android 12 with OxygenOS 12, easily one of my favorite Android skins! Can’t get over how zippy and smooth the UI is.

OnePlus 10Pro 5G Cameras

Cameras are the top 3 reasons I would or wouldn’t buy a phone. They are a big deal for most consumers, and it’s hard to find a horrible camera on a flagship phone. The camera modules have looked different for most Android flagships for the last couple of years. Instead of a stack of cameras on the module, it’s more square on the 10Pro 5G. Not my favorite look but not a bad look either.

OnePlus pictures are usually not as crisp and are warmer than iPhone 13 and Pixel 6 Pro pictures. The colors do look more natural. There’s no saturation, which does look nice, but not everyone enjoys it. OnePlus does a decent job of brightening pictures, but you may lose some detail in the process. This isn’t a comparison post so I’ll be sharing pics taken with the OnePlus 10Pro 5G. Not a huge fan of how it makes me look even more pale and airbrushed sometimes. It looks like I used a beauty editor app on steroids.

Fingerprint Scanner works almost instantly on the 10Pro 5G. No shocking speeds but also not annoyingly slow. Battery life varies for everyone, but fast charging is another favorite OnePlus feature of mine. The 10 Pro 5G’s charging brick allows up to 65W wired charging.

While some don’t agree with OnePlus’s price bracket now, it’s still under the $1000 mark. I still think it’s overpriced at $899 and should definitely start at $699. Of course, carriers have deals and that would be the best way to get the phone.


OnePlus has come a long way and it’s evident with the OnePlus 10 Pro. The phone feels like a flagship and checks most of the boxes. The camera sharpness could be a little better, but it’s a lot better than what it once was. Between the great battery life, nice display, comfortable feel, and decent cameras, it’s easy to recommend the OnePlus 10 Pro.