Moto 600 ANC Buds Review

The Moto 600 ANC Buds have Snapdragon Sound Technology. Does that mean these earbuds sound better even though they're wireless? Check out the review. #MotoBuds600

Many in my generation frown upon products that aren’t Apple, but I’ve been given the chance to try out the Moto 600 ANC Buds and put it through the paces. The Moto 600 ANC Buds are wireless earbuds that feature “Snapdragon Sound technology” and active noise cancellation features. I’ve been using my Apple AirPod Pro earbuds for about a year now, and the transition from those to the Moto Buds was extremely easy! All I had to do was open my settings app, go to Bluetooth, and voila! There they were waiting for me to connect and use them.

The Nitty Gritty

You may be wondering what all this means. Snapdragon Sound is a technology designed to deliver spatial audio that will give you a nice and immersive surround sound experience. Snapdragon Sound is optimized across your devices to provide a strong connection with minimal “dropouts” or audio glitching. This means no matter your location, Snapdragon technology will ensure there is no interference.



As I mentioned previously, setting up the buds was extremely easy. At first, I believed it would be a long process to pair them to my phone since they’re from two different companies, but I was surprised when it was fairly simple. I didn’t even have to open up the case. As long as they were in my general area, all I had to do was open settings, go to Bluetooth, find “MOTO BUDS 600”, click on that, and then boom, ready to use!

Moto 600 Bud Design

That Monday morning after I received the earbuds, I began my morning music routine as usual. Putting in the buds, I immediately noticed how nicely they fit into my ears. An issue I have with my AirPods is only one bud fits properly in my ear, so I was delighted. The buds themselves are slim and have silicon ear tips that are comfortable for long-term listening. The case is also a nice size for when you’re on the go. I was easily able to slip them into my pocket, bag, and even my hand. It’s also useful that the case is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about your buds inside becoming damaged.


Then it was time to choose a nice song to start my morning. I, too, have unconsciously doubted the buds due to the brand, but I was quickly disproved. The buds gave me great-quality audio and effective noise cancellation. I was shocked at hearing absolutely nothing in my surroundings. With my AirPods, I usually still hear a bit of background noise even with the noise canceling feature, but the Moto Buds provided me with the sweet silence. It was just me and my playlist the entire drive to school.

Battery Life

One thing about me is that I tend to wait until the last minute to do things (it’s a bad habit, I know), including charging my devices. Luckily for me, that was no problem for the Moto Buds. I went two weeks without charging them, and the quality stayed up to par each day. The battery life is amazing, so if your days are busy and you find yourself forgetting to charge your devices daily as I do, then you’ll love these buds. When you do eventually find time to charge your buds, you can connect them to any USB-C cable, and they will be charged in no time.

I enjoyed having these buds for everyday use, whether it be walking around campus or the gym. It was also very convenient that all I had to do was tap the sides of the buds to pause and play my music. Besides all this, there’s always room for improvement.


Despite all of the great qualities these buds provide, there are small improvements I’d love to see. First is the casing. The buds I received came in this super cute purplish burgundy case, but the issue I have with it is how smooth it is. Now usually, I love a nice smooth texture, but for something small like the Moto Buds, I think it would be nice to have a bit of a rougher casing to make sure slippage is at a minimum. I tried to see if they had nice outer cases for the buds, but I couldn’t find any. Another solution to this problem I propose is to create nice cases that make the buds harder to slip out of your hands when on the go.

Another issue I found was the way it automatically connects to my phone. This might be a personal preference of mine, but it was quite annoying how the buds would connect to my phone even when they were stored in the case. I see what Motorola was aiming for, but it was a bit frustrating having to constantly disconnect them from my phone or having the audio automatically cut out when the buds weren’t in my ears.

Final Thoughts

By reviewing these earbuds, I learned a valuable lesson: Don’t knock it till you try it. Yes, it’s a cliche phrase, but I believe you shouldn’t assume the quality of a product based on the brand. Motorola has longevity and experience in mobile and bluetooth headsets. You may be missing out. I really loved using the Moto 600 ANC Buds. Are they worth the price? Absolutely! They’re a great device with a nice price of $149.99. So if you don’t want to overspend on wireless earbuds, I definitely recommend these! These buds are also awesome for those whose lives tend to be on the hectic and busy side.

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