Designing the Perfect Custom T-Shirts for Your Corporate Event

[Written By External Partner]

Company shirts are an essential that any company should utilize for marketing purposes. Custom t-shirts are easy to design, with customization options like prints or embroidery. They can function as modern uniforms that strengthen team spirit and advertise your brand all at once.

Creating custom t-shirts for corporate events is the perfect opportunity to provide your employees with branded gear. Not only will your staff receive an upgrade to their look, but this will also encourage team building and a feeling of being valued.

When employees wear their custom company t-shirts outside of corporate events, they can further add value to your business by reiterating your company’s legitimacy, branding, professionalism, and style.

Selecting a T-Shirt

The first step in designing the perfect custom t-shirt for your employees during your next corporate event is selecting the best shirt for their needs. It’s important to take into consideration what style fit of t-shirt will represent your brand, while also taking employee comfort into consideration. The t-shirt is a universally great option due to its simple and casual nature.

When selecting what t-shirt you will customize for your employees, consider fabrics – some fabrics are more expensive than others, while some are better suited for warm or cold weather.

Consider how much money you can spend on company t-shirts and where your employees will be wearing them. If your corporate event is outdoors, take the weather into consideration when selecting a t-shirt type.

Choosing Shirt Colors

Next, consider what color you would like your custom company t-shirt to be. Color is a much more important decision to make than many people realize.

Color plays an important role in marketing due to the psychology of color and how it affects the behavior of consumers. However, you should also take your brand’s colors into consideration when choosing a color. Use colors that allow people to recognize your brand.

Accent colors are important, as well. To ensure any designs you place on your t-shirt are clear and easy to see, be sure that the colors you choose work well together.

Color schemes should take fabric into account, as darker colors are a good choice due to their ability to hide stains. Most people tend to look better in darker colors, so selecting a darker shade is a good strategy to encourage your employees to wear these shirts after the corporate event has ended.

Incorporate Your Logo Effectively

When designing your custom t-shirt, be sure to incorporate your company’s logo effectively. Typically, a logo is added to the left chest area of a t-shirt, but the back is also a great option as it tends to be better for advertising.

Consider what design choices function the best in different locations of the t-shirts. For example, add your contact information to the back of the shirt where it’s easy to see and read. If you prefer to maintain a traditional left chest logo, consider adding employee names to the right side.

Because the back of a t-shirt receives the most views, it’s important not to forget about all of the potential locations to include your logo.

Convey Brand Messaging

At its root, a custom t-shirt with your company’s logo or branding is a way to convey a message. To most effectively succeed in conveying said message, it’s a good idea to decide on what message you’d like to convey ahead of time. 

Once you’ve decided on your CTA – a call-to-action that encourages a potential customer to become a current customer – design your custom t-shirt with that message in mind. Convey it with both confidence and clarity. 

Maintain consistency with your company’s brand for the best results.

Take Fit and Accessories Into Consideration

Not all of your employees wear the same fit of clothing for a variety of reasons – each one has a different body type and shape, and therefore, fit preferences will not be consistent across the board.

Consider offering a few different fit choices, or even alternate options such as customized accessories to go with the t-shirts. This way, everyone at your corporate event has access to a custom piece of clothing.