iLuv Audio: Stylish way to get your music

It’s summer time which mean more of us will be walking through the parks, then sitting at home. In turn, this also means we’ll be using our mp3 players more often then our home stereo system.

Time to sacrifice sound quality right? WRONG and you can can great sounds with great style.

During the CE Week, iLuv, introduced us to their current line of ear buds. Our favorite was their stylish and sleek, City Lights line.

What I best: they’re built with high-performance speakers for extended frequency range, lower distortion, and high power handling. They fit great in your ear and though featuring not “noise reduction” they stamp out a lot of background sounds by covering your ear canal well. Comes with the standard 3.5mm / “I” type / Gold-plated / Stereo

The second thing I like best: they’re only $19.99. As much as I loose ear buds between meetings and traveling, no matter how great the sound might be I’m not paying more then $20 for a pair. I loose expensive pairs just as easy as cheap ones. These don’t sounds cheap nor feel cheap.

iLuv City Lights, come in seven colors: black, blue, lime green, orange, pink, red and black/metal. You can find out more: