Move over Skype, ooVoo is here

You’ve heard about it probably from the teen crowd, all my friends teens seem to already be in the know about it. Skype is so yesterday, now there’s ooVoo. ooVoo is a cloud-driven, cross platform & mobile video conferencing service, similar to Skype but add some more cool features.

So when your teen or co-worker says they’re “ooVooing” here’s what that means:
-multi-party chatting, up to 6 video and another 6 on phone
-anytime, anywhere, chatting: MAC, PC, Android, iOS or web

Best yet is that you don’t have to be a ooVoo member, you can send conference link to non users. For me, this makes it great for business use, as business people we alreayd have enough online accounts to manage throughout the day. I tried it out and I say it is a great audio and video chatting experience. I also noticed ooVoo doesn’t seem to have as many “server” issues as Skype does.

ooVoo offers a good amount of features for users, first of all being that it’s FREE for 3 way calls (there is some upgrade functions for paid subscription). Yep, we do love free. You can call landlines and mobile phones, national and international (or an upgrade fee). Like it’s competitor, it also has instant messaging for those who don’t want to phone or video chat (group chatting in IM as well).

For mobile users you’re phone just has to run Android 2.2 or higher or iOS 4 and above. The mobile handset should have at least a 600 MHZ processor for audio or 1GHZ and above for video chat. For video it is suggested your display be a minimum WQVGA, higher resolution preferred (of course make sure your mobile as a video capable camera).

I will be keeping Skype for more of my international Skype fanboys, although I’ll be sending out plenty of ooVoo chat links.