App of the week: News360

There are lots of news focused apps on the market for you to choose from. Some provided by an exact news outlet and others that pull from your Twitter or Facebook feeds. It’s hard to choose which one gives you the most information you want. Now there’s one on the market for Android, iOS, Playbook, Windows 7 and the web, called News360.

It learns from your cloud and uses semantic analysis to inform you on major ongoing events and give you content that is relevant just for you by pulling from top news sites, as well as, Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader and Evernote after you connect your social media accounts (can be skipped if wanted).

Easy to use, with a great look, it only takes less then two minutes to set up and get going. News is delivered in real time to your gadget or the web. News360, identifies 700,000+ different companies, people, brands and locations, understand the locality and topics that every article covers, collect the articles into story clusters, and visualize every story in the best possible way.

I’ve been using it for the last three days and noticed I haven’t been opening most of the other magazine style news apps. This is great for someone on the go as well as at home to get all the articles you want at the tips of your fingers. The app eventually learns what you want after tailoring the news the matters most to you. I certainly like that it pulls from more then just Facebook and Twitter since I get a lot of news from my Google reader account as well.

You can connect with the News360 team as well via Twitter; @news360app and on Facebook;

The app can be downloaded (for free) from your devices marketplace or go to and catch out the desktop version.