*Holiday Gift Guide* Powerbag Instant Messenger

The worst thing is to be out (especially at night) or be at a conference where you can’t find an outlet and your phone goes dead (or the dreaded red battery symbol). Does this sounds familiar? You can have all the plugs with you, you’re prepared to do business with your messenger bag filled with tech goodies and other important items. But you just can’t find an outlet-anywhere in sight.

Then someone walks by with a smile of their face. You’ve seen them a lot during the day and have no clue how they’re still on their phone or tablet. Or better yet how they don’t look in pain from toting around that messenger bag all day either. Little do you know their secret.

The secret is out: Powerbag”s Instant Messenger, messenger bag. Powerbag can put “power in the bag” through their line of powered up bags from wheeled briefcase, backpacks and messenger bag designs. My favorite is the Instant Messenger by Powerbag (and the Powerbag Tablet Messenger which will be reviewed later this month).

Instant Messenger, is a classic looking messenger bag on the outside. Inside is where the magic happens. Hidden inside the bag, is a removable 6000mAh battery system that will charge your smartphone up to 4 times and can charge up to 4 devices at once. You just simply use the bags power adapter and water resistant AC adapter charging port. There’s a built-in battery indicator LED lights to let you know much charge you have left until needing to recharge the bag.

No more dragging around extra cords. Named the Powervine system, standard USB (micro & mini) are built into two pockets in the bag. One plug for most smartphones out now and another for iOS products as well as a USB port. Plus added feature is the “Checkpoint Friendly” FlyFlat design means no need to remove your laptop (has a 17″ padded laptop pocket) when going through security.

What I like as well is in that classic design (by Ful) is comfort. I have small shoulders and find many bags aren’t very comfortable to lug around during the day. I tested Instant Messenger by loading it with my average “conference” day items that I would be carrying for 8-10 hours. At the end of the day, due to comfort molded handle, adjustable slimline padded shoulder pad.

This is a must have for busy on the go folks, conference attendees, busy professionals and bloggers. I run Android gadgets and that means at least twice to three times a day I’ll need to recharge. Now it’s no sweat as long as I have the Powerbag with me. If you see me at CES or around NYC, you’ll definitely be able to check it out.

Price: $179.99

Battery: Removable 6000mAh gives about 4 smartphone charges, can charge up to 4 devices at once, through 2 quick access charging pockets. Bags battery is charged via AC adapter (provided). Charges iOS devices, smartphones and eReaders.

Spec Notes: Check-Friendly FlyFlat function, holds up to 17″ inch laptop and has a padded tablet pocket.

*TechWeLike was sent a bag to review but this is not a paid endorsement. It is an honest user review as TechWeLike strives to bring our readers.