ShoDogg, your personalized video platform [CES 2012]

What does Seth Green, Youtube, your smartphone and your social networks have in common? Shodogg! Shodogg is debuting during International CES tlast week with an appearance by actor, writer, and all time funny guy Seth Green. Shodogg, allows you to send streaming video content from any smartphone to any connected device (TV, computer, tablets, etc).

The “app” allows you to take control of your video by sending it to any connected device, then bringing it back to your mobile to watch or send to yet another device (without wires, or boxes). What this means is you can start a video you find online with smartphone, then send over to your TV or laptop plus there is a share feature that let’s you share your video you’re watching with your social network. Shodogg’s unique technological architecture allows content owners to completely control their content.

Shodogg is free to users and launched to public, January 9th, 2012, the first day of CES. You can find out more at