SocialShield [CES 2012]

If you are ever on social networks, which most of us are; you also know that it’s a platform tool for our children to socialize with their friends. But, what some parents may not be aware of is the hidden dangers that these social medias can also cause children from stalking, cyber bullying and even the predators that lurk around for young unaware victims.

That is where SocialShield comes in. It is an online website that help parents monitor what their children are doing online without invading too much of their privacy but, just enough to keep them protected. Parent’s can monitor their child’s activity on such social medias as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, FormSpring and Google+.

I know you may be wondering how this site works without your child ofeeling like their privacy is invaded or you have to force them to give up their passwords to all the sites they may use. First off, SocialShield flags any post or pictures that they may deem inappropriate, hackers, friends who may be problematic and even links that may pop up that shouldn’t.

While, the site does not record every activity going on in these social networks; it at least gives the parents some basis of what may be going on in their child’s life.

Stay tuned for my personal test review of their website!