[Gaming] PopCap Games Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies is a colorful tower defense game where you use an arsenal of lively garden plants to defend your front lawn, back yard and roof against hordes of cartoon zombies trying to eat your brains. With such an unlikely array of weapons one might shrug this off as just being a “cutesy” game for children. True at first glance this could be your average kids’ game; simple design+ bright colors + cartoon characters+ catchy sublet background music. But wait there’s more, for the more adolescent to adult gamer strategies are key in defending your lawn as the levels increase in difficulty the further you play through. You’ll quickly see that you shouldn’t randomly place your plants (towers) just anywhere on the grid. Every plant has its own special ability (The “Re-peater” shoots two peas at a time, mushrooms work only during the night) and you’ll learn the pros and cons of each as you set them across your lawn against zombies of various types. From the Pole Vaulting Zombie to the Disco Dancing Zombie there’s a large variety of enemies ready to meet you and eat you.

Among the cast of characters you are greeted by your neighbor “Crazy Dave.” He sells various upgrades and helpful items that you’ll need to gain an advantage through each scenario. There are also different modes of play; Co-Op, Survival, Puzzle, Zen Garden and many Mini Games! Keep track of your scores through the Leader board ranks and have a great time playing this highly addictive game!

Platform(s): PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, PC, Macintosh
Genre: Strategy
Number of Players: 1-2
Publisher: PopCap Games, Electronic Arts (Android Market)
Developer: PopCap Games
Release Date: Feburary 8, 2011
Price: Free (smartphone app) – $15.00
Rating: E10+ for Everyone 10 and +up: Animated Blood, Cartoon Violence