Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation Announced

Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation

Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation - Analie Cruz
It’s almost here. All tech fans were waiting for Apple’s big announcement.

Look and Design
Apple changed the body of the new 5th generation iPod touch. This is the first time that the iPod touch is made with the same anodized aluminum used in Apple’s Macbook line. So just like the Macbook, the iPod touch will have a super smooth durable finish. I’m sure that it’s tough and will be able to handle falls, and scuffs.
Along with the body, the screen got a very welcome change. It is now taller; 4 inches to be exact. The iPod isn’t wider though, you can still use it comfortably with one hand. The retina display looks beautiful when looking at movies and surfing through your pictures. This is Apple’s lightest and thinnest iPod Touch. It’s just 6.1mm thin and weighs only 88 grams. It uses Apple’s new “Lightning” cable and comes with their newly designed “EarPods”.

The 5th generation iPod touch now has a 5 megapixel iSight Camera. It shoots 1080P HD video. Apple has added the panorama feature. Other features include: image stabilization, LED flash, and face detection. The front face camera is now 720P. This is a great camera for a media player. You can facetime, skype and take self-portraits and it won’t look crappy.

Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation - Analie Cruz
On The Inside
New iPod Touch, new chip. The 5th generation iPod touch comes with the dual-core A5 chip. Also a new operating system. Introducing the iOS6 which comes with many new features and upgrades. The new features such as deep social media integration. You can tweet and share updates from any app you’re in. “Shared Photo Stream”; which allows you to share photos with a selected group of people; similar to Samsung’s “Buddy Share”. This isn’t your regular media player. With all its features and capabilities; the battery could last up to 40 hours of music playback and 8 hours of video. This I have to test out.

Wrap Up
I was surprised to see Apple doing so many improvements on their media player. Sales for the iPod Touch have been sinking due to consumers relying on their smartphone for music and video. I think the colors were long overdue. Say goodbye to the 16 GB version. They will only be available in 32 GB ($299) and 64 GB ($399). Although, I don’t know who will shell out nearly $400 for a media player. Also, what are you going to do with your old accessories that were made for the 30 pin connector. You have to buy a few adapters now.