Audiofly AF56 In-Ear Headphones Review – Worth the Try?

Headphones that offer good base AND treble? Find out how the Audiofly AF56 are different from other in-ear headphones.

Audiofly AF56 In-Ear Headphones Review - Analie Cruz
Many of you may not have heard of the Australian company Audiofly. They are new to the headphone industry. They are offering more than just good bass with their in-ear AF56 headphones. It’s very hard to get the most out of in-ear headphones, especially bass, high mids and lows. Audiofly has a line of new headphones to accommodate those who listen to acoustics and bass. It is difficult to get headphones that have good bass and good treble.

Look and Feel

The AF56 are the second in line from Audiofly’s family of four headphones. The headphones a very appealing and vintage aesthetic to them. The colors aren’t bold and bright like other headphones, but still modern looking. But they have sort of a vintage look. You know you’re getting high quality headphones when you look at the packaging. It is very impressive. It has Audiofly’s branding look all over it. They give you a a metallic case (velvet on the inside) to store your headphones. The earbuds are at an angle that helps the fit. The earbuds sit comfortably in your ear (choose the right ear tips). It’s a nice, comfortable, and secure fit. You can easily wear these for long listening sessions without a problem. Reduction of background noise makes the quality sound even better. But remember they are not noise canceling headphones.

What I like about these headphones is the high quality build they have. Something that Audiofly is very proud of is the strong braided cable on the AF56’s. The AudioFlex cable has nylon material; and when lightly tugging and wrapping; you can feel the high quality of it. I think they will last in the chaos that is my purse. And believe me there’s a lot going on in there. The 13mm drivers are in an alloy casing with a nice Audiofly “A” on the backside. Looks sleek. There are three color combinations. You can also get it with or without a microphone.
Audiofly AF56 Blue Tweed - Review - Analie Cruz

Sound Quality and Experience

The sound quality of these headphones doesn’t fall far from their quality build. The Audiofly AF56’s have 13mm drivers. These drivers give very high base. While the bass sounds really balanced and not distorted at all; you can also hear the treble clearly. It’s not just bass over everything. What I enjoy most about the headphones is how loud they are; very, very loud! With the right ear tips you can drown out enough noise to really get into the music. Many of my female friends felt comfortable with these headphones. The angled build really helps the comfort level. They (as well as myself) did not feel pressure in the ear canal. What I really loved about the AF56’s is that with the help of the right size earbuds, you can get a certain level of noise isolation. It’s nice to sort of get lost in the music and drown out the city noises.

Audiofly or Not?

The AF56 headphones will definitely take you by surprise. I remember testing them out at a demo; but when you really get to use them, the sound quality blows you away. Not to mention, the price is extremely reasonable at $99.95 (without the microphone; $109.95 with the microphone). I’m sure you will be seeing a lot more of Audiofly. The sound quality of their headphones won’t go unnoticed. The very minor problem that I see with is that lack of volume keys and call buttons. That is definitely not a deal breaker for me as I always have my phone in hand anyway. You really need to try these out to understand the quality I’m talking about (within the price range of course).

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