Age of Wushu: Looks Just Like A Martial Arts Movie [Video Games]

Calling all PC Gamers and Martial Arts fans Snail Games is proud to announce that its martial arts inspired, massively multiplayer online role playing game, Age of Wushu, will make its North American debut February 1, 2013. Already the #1 game in China with over 10 million registered players worldwide, Age of Wushu features realistic combat, replicating the fighting styles made popular by blockbuster Chinese martial arts films. Additionally, Snail Games will offer players premium access to closed betas as well as exclusive content through select pre-order packages.

“Age of Wushu is easily one of the most innovative and wholly unique titles I have had the pleasure of working on,” says Dick Roberts, EVP of Marketing and entertainment industry veteran. “I am truly thrilled to be part of the team bringing this digital representation of Chinese culture and lore to western audiences.”

Players can now purchase – for a limited time only – the Elite Pre-Sale Package for $9.99. This package comes with a full version of the game, exclusive in-game items to this bundle, and grants access to the Age of Wushu’s initial beta launch in November. These early purchasers will be among the first North Americans to play, explore, and experience Age of Wushu.

After the first beta ends Nov 25, players can purchase one of three Age of Wushu Limited Edition Gift Sets (Deluxe, Premium and Collector’s edition). These bundles come packed with unique and robust content, both in-game and real world items, and grants access to the game’s second beta launch, which starts Dec 20 of this year. Each Gift Set also has a unique code, which gives players early access into the game’s “Exclusive Access Period” at the February 1 launch. Players that have the “Exclusive Access Period” code will have 90 days to play Age of Wushu before the title‘s Free-To-Play launch, May 3rd, 2013.

Age of Wushu has been in development for over five years and offers stunning 3D graphics, unique gameplay mechanics and tons of customization. With no classes or levels, players are given tons of freedom unparalleled in modern MMORPGs. The game features eight different martial art options to choose from, dazzling aerial duels, and a sophisticated system of combos and counters.
Following successful launches abroad with Voyage Century, Age of Armor, 5 Street, The Chosen, Heroes of Gaia, Ministry of War, among others, Age of Wushu will be Snail Games’ first major North American launch.

I was able to get a chance to play the game at New York Cities Comic Con, I fell in love with the game, graphic are amazing and the gameplay is nothing you seen before. My favorite part of the game is able being able to kidnap a player and make them work for you. Not a big PC Gamer, but I am looking forward to this game.