Samsung Smart Camera MV900F

Lately we have been seeing a lot of smart cameras coming from Samsung, well we have another one. Samsung is now shipping the MV900F, the newest digital camera among the company’s Wi-Fi SMART camera offerings. Building on the popularity of its predecessor, Samsung’s MV800, the MV900F’s innovative 180-degree MultiView display makes it easy to capture creative self-portraits from any angle, and now with the addition of Wi-Fi connectivity – also easy to share images with friends and family. Priced at $349.99 (MSP) and available for purchase at retailers nationwide, the MV900F comes in sophisticated white and black.

Stand-out connectivity and a sleek design combined with the imaging prowess of the F2.5 bright lens make the MV900F an extremely unique and capable point-and-shoot digital camera. Thanks to a unique 3.3-inch, 180-degree flip-out display on the MV900F, aspiring photographers can easily capture and frame any image — from a full-body self-portrait to a big group of family and friends. Furthermore, to help ensure everyone is included in that group shot, the MV900F touts Samsung’s ground-breaking Gesture Shot, which uses motion-sensing technology so that users can zoom and snap a photo with simple hand motions from across the room.

For those times when subjects aren’t quite prepared for a close-up, Samsung’s new Beauty Palette allows users to choose from ten different make-up options to smooth, brighten and add color to profile shots directly in the camera. With the intuitive touch screen display, all of the editing is done right from the camera to create a perfect portrait instantly.

“Samsung’s MultiView cameras are among our most successful compact cameras and now with the addition of Wi-Fi and innovative features like Gesture Shot, the MV900F packs enough punch to make it a category leader. To continue to address the growing need for sharing top-notch photos instantly, Samsung combined a powerful F2.5 lens with Samsung’s SMART Wi-Fi capabilities,” said Reid Sullivan, Senior Vice President of Mobile Entertainment, Samsung Electronics America. “The MV900F is the must-have accessory for social butterflies out on the town, serving up a perfectly framed photo, no matter the lighting conditions, that can be shared as quickly as you can snap it.”

Integrating Wi-Fi technology into the MultiView line, the MV900F instantly connects with Facebook, Picasa, Photobucket and YouTube without the need for any wires or cables. With just the touch of the dedicated SMART LINK button, or through the intuitive touch screen, sharing and securely storing pictures is a breeze. Beyond social sharing, Samsung’s unique MobileLink app* helps users easily transfer and display images from an MV900F onto Samsung smartphones, tablets, or Smart TVs for a truly integrated ecosystem with painless sharing and synching across all devices.

The F2.5 bright lens captures crisp, detailed photos even in low light environments, a powerful 16.3M pixels BSI CMOS sensor that produces high-quality photos and video, and a wide 25mm lens for fully framed images, the MV900F is a high-performing and versatile camera. Plus, the 5x optical zoom makes shooting from long distances a snap. Combining the best of still photography with dynamic HD videos, the Motion Photo feature cleverly brings subjects to life while everything else in the background appears at a standstill. And Wi-Fi connectivity enables video masterpieces to be uploaded to YouTube in no time.

With the two latest smart cameras Samsung released, it’s pretty hard to choose between the two.