Urban Junket: Be Sexy, Practical and Fully Charged

Over the last several weeks I’ve watched my gadget collection go from crazy to insane and this has caused me to carry more than one bag on several occasions. Most days if I forget to pack my cords or chargers hav to spend half a day completely unreachable. I find that completely unacceptable, so I’ve been on a personal mission to find a practical and efficient solution. To date, I’ve failed miserably but this week I came across a couple of bags from Urban Junket that look extremely promising.

Karen Powered Handbag

At first glance the Karen Powered Handbag looks like any other stylish, possible organizer style handbag. Don’t be fooled, it actually comes with a battery pack built in. At 16W x 14D x 3D in size, it’s big enough to hold your regular daily handbag chatzkies as well as any tablet or 13″ laptop. The built-in battery pack is said to be able to recharge your devices for up to 10 days or partial charges or 2 full device charges and be charged from any typical electrical outlet or powered via any computer and it only takes about 45 minutes to fully charge. This would be a great bag on days I need to go to the office for a meeting or I just want to look professional.

Jen Powered Crossbody

The Jen Powered Crossbody Bag looks pretty typical as well, yet again looks are deceiving. It also has a battery pack built into the bag and can do all the same things as the Karen Bag, it’s just a bit smaller. At 12W x 12H x 2D in size it still fits chatzkies as well as a tablet. There’s a slide in back pocket for easy access to your keys or phone. Each bag also has a removable zippered gear bag with a business card pocket that you can actually use for cord storage. I can definitely see this as more of my jeans and t-shirt days kind of bag.

Both bags are made from recycled plastic bottles, come in various colors and are compatible with any USB or Micro USB-powered device. Making it a stylish and efficient choice to carry you smart phone, mp3 players, bluetooth device, e-reader and/or portable gaming consoles. Unfortunately neither is able to charge laptops.

I would LOVE to get my hands on one of these bags to see if it truly lives up to it’s claims and I’m curious to feel the quality considering 36 recycled bottles were used to craft both bags. In the meantime you can order one for yourself here. Notably some of you may find paying upwards of $200 a tad steep but considering how much I pay for my gadgets it’s worth it and in all honestly considering the money spend on experimenting to find the RIGHT bag I’m sure I’ve spent way more.