iPhone 5: So Many Cases So Little Time…..

The worst thing in the world for a shopaholic like myself to do is buy an iPhone 5, why? There are just way too many case options. There are pretty cases, sturdy cases, practical cases and just because cases. I happen to be one of those people that tells myself its necessary to have at least 5 cases that fit each category. Over the last two months I’ve gone through almost a case a day and in that time I’m managed to narrow down my top 5 must-have cases:


5) Adopted Caplet Case-I’m not particularly the most girly girl but there are few things in this world that make me giggle with joy and the Caplet Case by Adopted is one of these things. What initially caught my attention were color options, they are just too darn pretty. They come in the most delicious colors – Aside from of course black and white there’s Red, Blue, Cranberry, Aqua and Violet. The colors happen to also match the one off pieces I have in my closet that I couldn’t seem to make work with anything other than a simple pair of jeans and/or plain jane pumps. Caplet Cases give me just the POP or UMPH I needed to satisfy any look.

Best For: Casual use if you want something fun or to spiff up your look. They’re gorgeous and sturdy enough to give you normal wear and tear but don’t protection. They are slim fitting and with snap on installation making it easy breezy to switch between the colors as you choose. Just don’t drop it even if your phone survives your $29.95 investment won’t.


4)Adopted Forged Case Is similar to the Caplet Case at first glance with its high gloss finish. Where it differs is the rubberized internal panel for added shock absorption, slider design with detachable bottom for easy docking. The look is more business chic with the cast metal button guard and trim giving the case a subtle twist. This also comes in a few different colors-Black Nickel/Gunmetal, Aqua/Silver, Cacao/Copper, Storm/Black and White/Gold. At $49.95 the Forged Cases are very chic and a will give you bit more protection, but still wouldn’t suggest doing any drop tests with it.

Q Card

3) CM4 Q Card Case – Some days you can’t be bothered carrying a purse or wallet and all you really need is a credit card and my ID – the CM4 Q Card Case is perfect. It’s buttery soft touch finish feels like premium leather and adds just enough bulk to make your phone feel safe. It claims to be able to securely hold 3 cards plus cash – that may very well be true but I felt most comfortable only adding 2 cards and maybe a single bill in it. When adding anything additional it felt like the case would overstretch if continuously used at capacity. Perfect for simplicity and daily use. Available in several colors: Black Onyx, Mahogany Brown, Pacific Green and red Rouge.


2) PortenzoQuality and individuality are where Portenzo excels. Not only are they handmade book bound artisanal cases but slim and luxurious as well. They especially import the leather from South America so no two pieces are alike. You’re case os then hand distressed and softened to give it that broken in appeal. They are made to order and have about a 2 week turnaround but it’s well worth the wait. You can remove and replace easily with the GripPad which looks like an unassuming piece of cardboard but it preserves the “stickiness” of the adhesive that holds the phone in place when you’re not using the case.

Slim Armor

1) Spigen Slim Armor Case the closest to perfection I have come to yet in an iPhone case. The case is slim and formatted, Two Toned metallic finished colors to complement the iPhone 5 design. The layered TPU and polycarbonate mid section make it reliable and versatile. You can break apart the two part case to interchange with different colors. It looks almost like you don’t even have a case on your phone which is perfect. Unfortunately rushing into the office I dropped everything in my hand in the concrete parking lot. I was sure my iPhone was shattered but not a strand out of place. The case I have is Metal Slate and it suffered what initially looked like nicks and cuts but after I dusted it off you can’t even tell. Aside from cut outs that are a tad too deep I LOVE this case and @ $17.99 I can buy it all the colors.