Republic Wireless Offers Unlimited Service For $19/ Month – No Gimmicks

Republic Wireless - Motorola Defy XT
Do you have access to WiFi most of the time? Are you also paying for a data plan on your phone? As data plans skyrocket, Republic Wireless is looking to keep the sanity offering service for $19/ month.

If you look at all the different phones being released lately it seems that the last feature we’re worried about is the ability to make phone calls. As odd as it may sound, we look for other features such as screen size, the phone’s body and weight. Most of us pay a hefty price for all the features that a smartphone includes and along with that comes a data plan that allows us to use those features.

Republic Wireless - Logo
Believe it or not there are some people who are transitioning into the smartphone world or who don’t use their smartphones often. What about those consumers who have access to WiFi most of the time? Is it fair that they have to pay for a data plan and minutes when they are using their smartphone through WiFi? Many have resorted to using a prepaid carrier to bring down the costs. But now there is a new alternative; Republic Wireless.

What is Republic Wireless and How Does It Work?

Republic Wireless - phone 1Republic Wireless is the nations first WiFi centric mobile operator. This service is for those who are connected or have access to a WiFi network for most of the day. With Republic Wireless you can text, surf, share docs and pictures, and even make calls. All this through WiFi! When there is no WiFi available, the service switches over to Sprint’s cellular network to handle coverage. Some of you won’t like that MMS / picture messages don’t work on Republic Wireless yet. But you can send them through email or various texting apps such as Facebook or WhatsApp.

What Are The Start-Up Costs and Monthly Fees?

It’s an online store (no physical offices to maintain). There is only one device available for the service right now (more to come). It’s the Motorola DEFY XT (dual band Android smartphone CDMA). It has the special software that allows hybrid service. The cost of the phone is $249 and there’s a $10 start-up fee for a total of 259. After that, the monthly service is just $19 per month (plus additional taxes).

UPDATE: You also have the option to save later. You can purchase the Motorla Defy XT for $99 and pay $29 a month. You get the same service, but with a smaller upfront cost. The choice is up to you, save more now by paying for the phone at $249 and $19/ month, or save more later by paying $99 for the phone and $29/ month for service.

I haven’t tried the service for myself yet. If you feel that it suits you or someone you know, Republic Wireless is willing to let you try it out for 30 days. What do you think? Is it too good to be true?