Forever 21 Launches Interactive Fashion Experience ’21st Street’

Two things I think all the ladies here at TechWeLike have in common are we LOVE gadgets and we LOVE to shop. Tomorrow, June 18th, Forever 21 is launching a new interactive fashion experience called ’21st Street’.

21st Street is a new social platform that will exclusively provide Forever 21 customers an interactive shopping experience. Customers will be able to not only find style inspiration buy purchase the items they like. You’ll have access to all of Forever 21 social channels in one place including their Instagram, Pinterest, 21TV, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts.

21st Street

21st Street is available through the website using the tab on the main menu or using this direct link. You’ll be able to preview thumbnails making it easier to breeze through all the photos. When you come across something you like you can click to enlarge the image with the added ability to purchase the product chosen or other items inspired by the selected look.

21st Street will also include F21xME – a social sharing portal that lets Forever 21 customers wear and share their best outfits on Instagram with the chance to win a feature on 21st Street.

Head on over to the 21st Street site for more info.. Happy Shopping!