Stylin’ and Dialin’ – The Pursecase is a Must-Have Case For Every Female iPhoner

If you're looking for functionality and style in an iPhone case the pursecase is for you. Find out how this cute case went from Kickstarter to success story. Will you be adding the pursecase to your smartphone case collection?

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As a girl on the go I am constantly changing, or breaking cases. Depending on the place and/or function I like to have a different case. As you all know, iPhones have a very very large selection of cases. But not all of them tailor to the needs of a lady on the go.

Ladies often have to sacrifice style or function for the appropriate case for an outing. I usually use rugged,functional cases when on the go, but it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t enjoy a nice lady-like case here and there.


What started off as a Kickstarter campaign is now a success story. pursecase, the brand-new petite clutch designed with a girl’s iPhone and essentials in mind successfully raised $35,114 from 200 backers on Kickstarter Friday, March 29th.

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pursecase is just plain cute! The pursecase offers protection without sacrificing style and efficiency. This is great because I usually have my phone in my hand. Add a handle and credit card slots and I’m a happy camper. Check out more info directly from their press release below!

You can find out more about pursecase HERE:

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pursecase – Creation, Design and More Details

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As fashionistas and busy PR girls, pursecase co-creators Jenn Deese and Kelley Coughlan rely equally on functionality and style. So when it came to their protecting their iPhone — something so central to their careers and lifestyles — compromise was the last thing they were looking to do. What are two 21st century girls to do when they want the protection of a phone case, the practicality of a purse, and a chicness that exceeds both? They invent it, of course. And with that, pursecase was born.

With patent pending on a unique design that includes the ability to hold any girl’s essentials — cards, cash, phone, and a built in compact mirror — pursecase is not only chic, but sensible as well. Gone are the days of digging for a lost phone inside a black-hole handbag and missing that oh-so-important call!
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pursecase embodies the height of fashion and utility, but never at the price of individuality, with the choice of teal, pink, purple, black, white or limited edition neon yellow (glow-in-the-dark!) for iPhone 4/4S or iPhone 5. The pursecase team will be unveiling designs for the Samsung Galaxy and other smartphone and tablet models as well in the near future.

Now do you see why you have to add this case to your case collection? How many of you ladies already see yourself stylin’ and dialin’ with the pursecase?

You can find out more about pursecase HERE:

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