BiGR Audio Madison Avenue Headphones: Fashion Forward? [Review]

When BiGR Audio named their fashion on-ear headphones Madison Avenue the expectation was high. The name Madison Avenue usually conjures up visions of high fashion, shopping sprees and NYC yellow taxi’s. So when they so graciously sent us over a pair to review – I wanted to know if it lived up to its name.

The presentation is impeccable. The headphones come in a beautiful all natural fiber Bamboo case with the name Madison Avenue etched across the top lid. Inside the headphones are inside a cloth pouch which feels almost like jersey material. The actual design of the headphones are subtly fabulous. The headband sports a diamond patterned stitching with silver trim around the leather ear cups. The headphones themselves completely fold in and lay flat making them extremely portable.

This is my first experience with BiGR Audio so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Initially out the box the headphones were a tad stiff and slightly uncomfortable. More than likely because I’ve gotten into the habit of falling asleep with my headphones on. Once I got over the fit I tested out the sound quality.

Madison-Avenue-2I’ve used the Madison Avenue headphones several times over the past few weeks and have yet to be disappointed. As stated on their site there is a bit of a break in period. Over time the sound quality has only gotten better. Over time the bass has gone from overbearing to perfection. I didn’t notice any sound distortion when I took the volume up to 100% but I did find them to be fairly loud even at just 60% (which is the loudest I could comfortably stand).

They also come smartphone ready with a built-in call/answer button with microphone making it easy to switch between music and talking fairly simply. The buttons were a bit stiff and didn’t seem to loosen much over time. With a price tag of $129 these headphones are a good purchase for their price class. Great sound quality with both music and making calls (expressly compatible with your iOS device).

The Madison Avenue On-Ear Headphones are available in either Black or White both with silver trim you can purchase from their site here.