ML-515 LensMag™ from Carson Optical for iPhone 5 [Review]

The ML-515 LensMag™ from Carson Optical is a 2-pack of high powered magnet Magnifiers for the iPhone 5™. Included in each 2-pack is one 10x and one 15x magnet Magnifier. The instructions advise removing the case from your iPhone 5 prior to use. Since the majority of iPhoners typically use a case with their phone this poses a definite potential issue.

To use simply place the desired high powered magnet (10x or 15x) Magnifier over the camera which magnetically holds onto your iPhone directly so there is no need for additional pieces or glue. Once in place your iPhone 5 camera will now act as a macro lens. Macro lens are great for taking “in focus” photographs unusually close to the subject. I find nature lovers particularly love macro lens since it allows you to show amazing detail of things such as bugs without getting too close.

Personally, I’m not big on taking pictures but lately I’ve been experimenting in the art of iPhoneograhy. While experimenting I’ve come across several nifty additions used to enhance your iPhone camera sans everyday Instagram filters, but one of the main issues is the lack of usability of these add-ons with iPhone cases. I was ecstatic when I was able to use the LensMag without having to remove my Spigen Saturn iPhone 5 case.

An added bonus is the LensMag comes in a portable carrying case that I can toss in any size purse (tote, clutch; etc) effortlessly and always be ready to explore the world around me through macro lens. You can pick up the LensMag yourself for around $13 on Amazon or any of Carson Retailer.

See video below for more information.