T-Mobile Updates – No More Grandfather Plans? Is Simple Choice the Only Choice?

T-Mobile forcing customers to migrate to Simple Choice plans? At their Un-Carrier 3.0 #Unleash, T-Mobile made announcements that differ from carrier "norms".

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After all these changes to T-Mobile, the un-carrier is looking to bring everyone onto Simple Choice plans. T-Mobile has released and official statement which says that soon all TMo customers with grandfather plans will have to go on a Simple Choice plan. We sort of knew it was coming. (Source)


Loyal T-Mobile Customers will actually get offers that haven’t been advertised yet. From the look of a letter posted at TmoNews.com, T-Mobile is letting customers know which Simple Choice plan has been chosen for them since it’s a “close match”. The rate plan will go into effect in November, and the customer will get a text letting them know.

However, if you don’t want to continue that way, T-Mobile is letting you terminate your service without penalty until 2/1/2014.

You can check some of T-Mobile’s Simple Choice Plans HERE: T-Mobile’s Simple Choice Plans

Let us know if you have received a similar letter from T-Mobile

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Previous T-Mobile Updates: Un-Carrier 3.0

So if you didn’t hear T-Mobile is taking the mobile world by storm. And by world I mean WORLD. While other carriers are thinking of ways to get more money out of you when traveling or roaming, T-Mobile is looking for ways to make your mobile plan more inclusive. This is known as phase 3 of T-Mobile’s Un-Carrier plan.

If you travel often or call overseas these changes at T-Mobile might be beneficial to you. Check out these 4 huge announcements that T-Mobile recently made:

T-Mobile Un-Carrier 3.0 Announcements:

· Unlimited data and texting worldwide:

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Starting October 31, Simple Choice individual and business customers automatically get unlimited data and texting in more than 100 Simple Global countries worldwide, and will only pay a global flat rate of 20 cents/min. for voice calls when roaming in the same countries. No activation or extra monthly fee necessary.

· Stateside International Talk & Text: Discounted calling and texting from the US to all Simple Global countries for $10/month. Includes 20 cents/min. for voice calls and unlimited texting to all Simple Global countries, as well as unlimited calling to landlines in over 70 of the Simple Global countries at no extra cost.

· Nationwide 4G LTE network: T-Mobile’s latest-generation 4G LTE network is now nationwide, reaching more than 200 million people in 233 metros across the U.S.

· Multi-year partnership with Shakira: T-Mobile is collaborating with global artist, songwriter and Grammy Award-winning music icon, Shakira to help amplify key messages and initiatives for each other and create unique T-Mobile experiences.

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Have you ever traveled out of the country and had to turn of your cellular service to avoid charges? Or you didn’t turn off your service while in another country and got charged an arm and a leg for “roaming” and other nonsense? How about using a calling card every time you call internationally, and having limited talk time when calling? These are all things that T-Mobile hopes to answer. And if you ever hear T-Mobile CEO John Legere speak, he’s very frank about T-Mobile’s direction.

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You can find out more about T-Mobile’s coverage HERE

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T-Mobile Un-Carrier 3.0 Event at Bryant Park

T-Mobile Updates - No More Grandfather Plans? Is Simple Choice the Only Choice?T-Mobile wanted the world to know about their changes, so they took it to one of the most popular cities, New York. In New York’s Bryant Park, artist Swizz Beatz hyped the crowd for superstar (and now T-Mobile collaborator) Shakira alongside a DJ with a mix of old-school and new jams. Shakira then came out and performed a set of her most popular hits to a grateful group of fans and media.





T-Mobile Updates - No More Grandfather Plans? Is Simple Choice the Only Choice?

You can check out a clip of Shakira’s performance at Bryant Park HERE