Last Minute Tech Gifts That Show You Care

It's close to that time and if you find yourself short on gifts, check out these last minute tech gifts to finish off your holiday shopping.

Luckily we won’t see everyone on our list before Christmas. So how can you make sure the person on your list feels special? Check out my picks for last minute tech gifts that will make him/her feel special:



  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1:

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet Analie Cruz
    I’m sure you’ve heard about this tablet. I think you should believe the hype.  Yes, it’s just that good. Once you fall for (or get over) TouchWiz you will see that this is the definition of a great tablet. Efficiency, great display, the ultimate multi-taking and the wonderful S-Pen are just a few of the reasons to get this nice tablet. It’s available at most major stores

    PRICE: 499 and up

    BUY IT!

  2. LifeProof Case –

    LifeProof Cases for Apple iPhone iPad Samsung Galaxy S 4 - Analie Cruz - TechWeLike
    I usually rock this case in the summer. Why? Pool parties and beach fun always put my beloved smartphone in danger. But it’s of great use in the winter too. If you participate in a lot of winter sports, don’t risk getting water damage. The case serves more than protection from liquid damage.  It helps with rough environment. Protects from falls and impact. Great for the active or clumsy person on your list. The LifeProof case is available for all devices from iPads, iPhones, and Samsung Galaxy S 4.

    PRICE: $21 and up

    BUY IT! 

  3. Speck StyleFolio Case –

    Speck Products StyleFolio - Analie Cruz - TechWeLike
    I usually go to Speck Products for a great combination of style and protection. Their new StyleFolio (FitFolio case replacement) cases are no exception. Available for many tablets (iPad Air, iPad 4th generation, Google Nexus 7, Amazon Kindle Fire HD), the StyleFolio case has many nice designs alongside decent protection. The cases are strong yet light which doesn’t add too much weight to your tablet.

    PRICE: $22 and up

    BUY IT!

  4. WD My Passport –

    WD My Passport Portable Storage - Analie Cruz -
    With all the digital media out there, it’s hard to not run out of space. It’s also great to have additional space available regardless. Luckily we’re at a point where gifting extra gigabytes is now affordable. Western Digital AKA WD has always been a trusted brand. They have a great selection of portable hard drives for every person. Whether is the mac user, the photog or just a regular Joe on the go, WD has something to gift them.

    PRICE: $59.99 and up

    BUY IT!


  5. iRig Mic Cast Condenser Microphone for Apple Devices. –

    iRig IK Multimedia - Analie Cruz - Tech We Like
    Who on your list does a lot of voice recordings? Whether it’s seminars or YouTube videos, the iRig Mic comes in handy. Use it for podcasts, interviews, or school. Picks up the voice great without background noise.  Don’t forget to download the iRig Recorder App, for easy use and settings control. On-the-go recording has never been easier!

    PRICE: $39.99

    BUY IT! 

  6. Keurig Brewing System of Keurig E-Certificate. –

    Keurig Vue Brewing System - Analie Cruz - techWeLike
    We have seen the wonderful single cup brewing systems in commercials and some cafes. For the coffee, tea, café lover on your list, the Keurig is a wonderful gift. Keurig is not only about the K-Cup system only anymore, they have the Vue cup, which allows you to select the strength of your brew, and the amount. If the person already has a Keurig brewing system, get them a pack of K-cups. You can’t lose with giving coffee!

    PRICE: $35 and up

    BUY IT!


  7. Seagate Wireless Plus –

    Seagate Wireless Plus Mobile Streaming Device - Analie Cruz -
    You know it’s great when wireless is involved. With the Seagate Wireless Plus Storage (1 TB) you can stream media wirelessly because of its built in Wi-Fi network. Up to 8 users can access the device, and there’s enough space for everyone to store their favorite files. Another great thing about the Seagate Wireless Plus is that it’s compatible for both Mac and PC. This great last minute gift is a perfect pick for the media streamer on your list.

    PRICE: $199.99

    BUY IT!