Tylt Launches New Portable Battery Products at CES 2014 –

Tylt is giving you all the portable battery options. Check out the new lines of battery packs and chargers they announced at CES 2014.

CES 2014 is has a lot of power, portable power that is. Many companies are coming out with portable battery packs, battery cases, and battery chargers. TYLT a company who has a great line of battery power products has announced a few new lines at CES.


Tylt ENERGI Battery Packs


TYLT ENERGI Battery Packs CES 2014 - Analie Cruz

The Tylt Energi Battery Pack comes in different sizes and with different connectors. There are six different versions. They range from 2,000 mAh with a single USB connection to 10,000 mAh with 3 USB ports. There are also a few versions in between with either a micro USB connection or lightning connector (Available in 3,000 mAh or 5,000 mAh).

Find out more about the Tylt Energi Battery Packs HERE 


Tylt ENERGI Travel Charger Series


TYLT ENERGI travel battery packs ces 2014

For those who need to have a charger on-the-go ( I believe most of us do by now), there is the Tylt ENERGI Travel Charger series. These chargers are smaller, but pack 3,000 mAh with a micro USB or lightning port. The 2,000 mAh just has prongs and a USB port.

Check out more of the TYLT ENERGI Travel Charger Series HERE