143 (7) Reasons the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear are Sweet

So your Lady has been hinting at needing a new phone and is on the fence about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, she’s even trying to convince you that the Samsung Galaxy Gear is a must have but you’re not sure if the two warrant shelling out $300 a pop. So we compiled 143 (7) reasons the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy Gear would be a Sweet gift.

  1. With all the multitasking she’ll undoubtedly get done with the Note 3, when she’s out and about the quick glance notifications (texts, emails and phone calls) on her Galaxy Gear can help her decide if anything needs her immediate attention or can wait until later. Perfect for any lifestyle.
  2. Is she forgetful and loses her phone a lot. With Find My Device she can use Galaxy Gear to remotely activate sounds or vibrations to make it easy to locate. She can also use the Note 3 to help her find her Galaxy Gear.
  3. She can use the Gear Manager app on her Galaxy device to customize her experience – Change camera settings, customize and add new watch faces, enable or disable features and organize her apps.
  4. Is she a private person ? The Auto Lock/Unlock feature helps keep her contents secure. Her Galaxy device senses when she’s more then 5 feet away from it and automatically secures it. And when you return, Gear tells your phone that it’s you and automatically unlocks.
  5. Does she need a personal assistant ? with the Galaxy Gear she’ll have one on her wrist. Using voice commands she can place calls, compose messages, activate key features like the alarm and camera, schedule an event and check the weather.
  6. If she’s not a full on geek or struggles in the tech arena the Note 3 is easy to manueuver and the Galaxy Gear is just as simple (if she’s a full on geek she won’t be disappointed either.)
  7. Does she love taking pics ? for times she doesn’t feel like rustling out her phone to snap a pic she can take pics from her Galaxy Gear (pretty good quality) and post to Instagram from her phone later since the pics will already be in her Gallery :)

Hands-Free Calls- Kinda goes without saying and yes I know nowadays everything is hands free but she can make calls on the go. She can place calls and answer them directly from your Galaxy Gear. It’s the simple way to keep up when you have a lot going on.

Yes the Note 3 is big but it feels much better in your hand then the Note 2 does. It’s surprisingly thin, but if size is an issue it’s even more of a reason to get the Galaxy Gear as a companion. Granted it’s $300 and could be cheaper but pricewise it’s in the ballpark of most other smart watches on the market. Plus – she’s worth it.