RELAYS by Sol Republic [Review]

Lately I feel like I’ve been going through earphone after earphone trying to find one that doesn’t fall out my ear, doesn’t over bump the bass and gives me the sound quality I’ve only been able to find in over-ear headphones. I have pretty high expectations but I also didn’t want to share my party with the person next to me on a plane. When given a pair of Relays from Sol Republic I was a bit skeptical, but were my prayers answered?

The earpiece looks like a ferris wheel – so right off the bat I didn’t expect much. The earpieces are actually outfitted with FreeFlex technology for an adaptable fit so once you put them in your ears they won’t fall out. Also packed into these little in-ears are Sol Republics i5 engines providing a musicality and balance you don’t find in earphones.

I used these running around from Las Vegas to Orlando running from flight to flight during a blizzard, transporting and keeping up with the kid and my mini workouts. These are water, sweat resistant and don’t fall out your ears making the transition between modes seamless. It also comes with a nylon carrying case so your earphones will really be weather proof.

The noise isolation is phenomenal and in all my running around I couldn’t hear any of the hustle and bustle or crying screaming kids while I was in the airport returning home. You have the option of either 3-button or 1-button mic+music control the 3-button version is available in several colors while the 1-button is only available in black.

To date I have to say these are the best earphones/in-ear headphones I’ve come across and for $79.99 I can’t think of a better buy.