Prenatal Tracking System Bellabeat Shipping Worldwide!

bellabeat-1Bellabeat Tracking System is a smartphone accessory and app connects expecting parents to their  unborn babies and a social network of supporters.

Bellabeat Tracking System, now available for purchase, rethinks the pregnancy experience. The pocket-sized digital tracker easily connects to a smartphone and is combined with an app allowing expecting parents to listen to their unborn babies’ heartbeat as often as they like. The app, which is now available for both iPhone and Android, has innovative sound visualizations, fetal movement counter, vibrant illustrations of fetal development and a tool for tracking and planning pregnancy weight gain. In addition to the fetal monitoring services, the app is also a social platform allowing the user to interact with a global community of expecting parents and their support systems.

By connecting expecting parents to their unborn babies and a social network of supporters, prenatal care is put in the palm of the users’ hands. Combining the emotional support of a social network and the ability to connect with your unborn child in-home gives the user the ability to have a holistic and contemporary approach to prenatal care.

“Emotional support is key during the entire term of a pregnancy. Expecting mothers endure a slew of emotional, hormonal and physical changes during this period and need an influx of support. The Bellabeat Tracking System provides the technology and social structure to reinforce expecting mothers’ support systems while providing an emotional connection to their unborn child.” Says Sandro Mur, Bellabeat CEO.

With over 130 million pregnancies a year, globally the Bellabeat System gives expecting parents a way to autonomously tack and share every heartbeat, every move and every milestone in an engaging, comforting and enjoyable at-home experience. The Bellabeat System is available online at for $129.


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