Jaybird BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth Headphones Review

The Jaybird BlueBuds X Sport bluetooth earbuds promise to keep your music pumpin' no matter the intensity of your workout. Take a look at our review for more

If you’ve read recent reviews you know that I am on the quest to find great gear and tech for keeping a healthy lifestyle. For a couple of weeks I took the Jaybirds BlueBuds X to the gym and out running. I even used them for my commute.

Design and Build

As most Bluetooth earbuds go, the Jaybirds BlueBuds have a very simple build. I have the storm white version. The earbuds are white and the mic control is white with three black buttons (the entire headset is black in the all black version).

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There’s no designated right or left side on the BlueBuds X. The entire headset itself is pretty lightweight. The earbuds have the tangle-free cable which allows you to wear the earbuds under-ear or over-ear. The microUSB charging port is located on the earbud closest to the mic control. Jaybirds uses Liquipel nano coating to make the BlueBuds sweat resistant to be able to take those sweaty workouts.




As with most bluetooth devices, the main part of the setup is pairing the headphones to your music device. With the BlueBuds X, you hold the middle button down and you will soon hear Jenna (the voice) says “Power ON” (you keep the button down) until she says searching for your music device. Once connected, Jenna will say “Headphones connected”. If you have an iPhone you can see the battery life of the BlueBuds which is pretty cool.

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Jaybird BlueBuds X – What’s In the Box

The next step is choosing the right “secure fit ear cushions”. These are the little wings that go in that crease in your ear. They are supposed to secure the tip. They give you 3 sizes to choose from. Depending on how you choose to wear the earbuds is how you would place the ear cushions. If wearing them under-ear, the earbud with the charging port and closest to the mic control would be the right side.

The manual tells you that you need a “proper seal” to get the most out of the BlueBuds. This is where it gets a bit tricky. That’s why it’s important to take a few minutes to test out the ear tips and ear cushions. The right size combination is what will help the seal. I use both the small ear tips and small ear cushions. The earbuds stick out a bit (they’re not flat like other ones) so you chave to be able to push it inside your ear as much as possible without it feeling uncomfortable.

Jaybird BlueBuds X Wireless Sport Bluetooth Headphones Review - Cruz

After choosing the ear tips and cushions you have to clasp the cable so it won’t dangle. You have to put the extra part of the cable in an “s” shape form and use the clips. After that you’re pretty much good to go




It took me a while to get used to the secure fit ear cushions. I couldn’t get them properly into place. Once they’re in place they are pretty comfortable. You can feel the noise isolation. I can’t last with them for too long. I tried to see how far I can go wearing the BlueBuds and I couldn’t do more than a little over 2 hours. The earbuds themselves are long. A bit hard to explain in writing, but what I mean is that they are not flat. They stick out of your ear, which is why I can’t last too long wearing them.

The headphones don’t feel heavy in my ears which is pretty good and I didn’t realize how handy the clips are. Keeping the cable from bouncing helps eliminate that “thud” sound when jogging, or even walking.

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Listening Experience

I don’t expect much from bluetooth earbuds. The sound is average, nothing special or extraordinary. The Jaybirds are actually loud and do have strong bass for earbuds. The sound isn’t super crisp, but it is balanced. Since I was using the BlueBuds for working out, a lot of the music has fast paced beats, and the earbuds did a great job of giving a punch.

The battery life and standby time are great. I let them play continuously to see how long I could push the battery life. With a volume of 70%, the BlueBuds X lasted well over 7 hours. It’s pretty close to the 8 hour mark Jaybird says they have. Standby time is great too. I went a couple of days without charging them, picked them up and there was a decent amount of battery life left.

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3 button mic control

I love that they pair to multiple devices (8 to be exact). So I was able to test them out on my iPhone, HTC One M8, LG G3 and Surface Pro 3. It doesn’t connect to the devices at the same time, it just remembers them. It will let you know when the connection has switched.


BlueBuds Your New Earbuds?

If you’re a jogger, runner, or fitness enthusiast I definitely recommend the BlueBuds X. They stayed in place most of the time for me and the clip helps you make the headphones any size you need, which is very useful. Although, the battery indicator is only on the iPhone, the controls work with both iPhones and Android phones which is great. The sound quality is great for wireless earbuds. And you also given 2 ways to wear them, which may be helpful given the activity you’re doing.

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I even wear the BlueBuds on regular days. They do such a great job of noise isolation without shutting the world out completely. Now that I know how to fit them, I use them often and not only for working out.


Pricing and Availability

The stock price of the BlueBuds X were $169.95. Since it’s been a while since their release, the price on Amazon.com is $134.99. You can also buy the earbuds (and any lost / misplaced accessories) from Jaybird’s official website HERE