Deadly Odds by Allen Wyler – Book Review

Deadly-Odds-Allen-Wyler-Cindy-Rodriguez-Tech-We-Like-ReviewArnold Gold was not your typical twenty-three year old. He was a hacker – a computer genius. He created a system that allowed him to find the odds to basically any scenario. He used this system primarily to bet on football games, which was how he made his living. And a good living it was. But that was exactly what led him through a chain of events that got his best friend killed, and got him accidentally involved in the largest terrorist plot since September 11th.

It all started when Arnold and his best friend Howie were discussing his love life, or lack thereof. They agreed that Arnold should spend some time in Vegas and hire a lady friend to help him get over his awkwardness with women, among other things.

Arnold wanted what happened in Vegas to stay in Vegas so he created a new identity complete with identification cards and bank accounts. He left Arnold at home and became Toby Taylor. Toby grew very fond of Breeze, the beautiful escort of Middle Eastern descent that he hired. She showed him how to treat a woman, in more ways than one.

Eventually things take a turn downhill and Arnold becomes involved with a terrorist group that gets his best friend killed. He must figure out how to avenge his best friend’s death and stop a major terrorist plot before it’s too late.

Final Thoughts on Deadly Odds

I loved this book. I found the explanation of the Dark Net particularly fascinating; as it was something I had never heard of before. I was glued to the book toward the beginning to find out what would happen with Toby and Breeze’s relationship. Then towards the end I couldn’t stop reading until I found out Arnold’s fate. Would he stop the bomb? Would he die? Would he take on a new identity and start life all over again somewhere else?