Intel Experience at Best Buy Lets You Go Hands On With Tech #IntelAtBestBuy

The Intel Experience at Best Buy lets you go hands on with great technology. Check out some of the things they have and where you can check it out. #IntelAtBestBuy

For many of those that know me, they know that Best Buy is one of my fave stores to visit. Some may go window shopping and browsing for clothes (I enjoy doing that as well). But I mostly enjoy browsing electronics. Best Buy has gotten better at displaying various new tech.

Intel Experience at Best Buy - Analie Cruz (6)


I usually do have access to the latest tech in the industry but that isn’t the case with everything. Especially when I want to show friends and family some of the latest things out, Technology isn’t just for super geeks. It’s part of everyday life, some things require more thought than others which is why demos are great. It’s great when you have a chance to get some hands on time with a product with no pressure.

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Best Buy and Intel have teamed up recently started showcasing the Intel Experience at Best Buy . It’s not available in every store (only 50 Best Buy stores). Like the name Intel Experience implies, customers can go and check out first hand the new technologies powered by Intel. This includes quite a few things such as 3D printing and virtual reality games. You can be a Digitial DJ and remix beats for NeYo. For the 3D printing, you can build your own 3D robot. You can also check out MARS augmented reality game.

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Intel Experience at Best Buy – Digital DJ

I was mainly interested in the 3D printing technology. It seems a bit more out there than mobilegaming and laptops. Being a digital dj was a tough one, but it’s amazing to try and get the job done. It can get addicting (on a fun level of course).

A good thing about the Intel Experience at Best Buy is that there is staff there to help answer your questions. Some of the Best Buy staff is specially trained int he latest Intel technology and can help you make the most out of your Intel experience.


Intel Experience at Best Buy - Analie Cruz (4)As you know technology is always growing. Intel will refresh the demo venues with new technology experiences as the seasons change. It’s a great time to visit the Intel Experience. If you’d like to checkout the Intel Experience at Best Buy click HERE.


Disclaimer: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free