Holiday Gift Guide 2014 – Lifestyle Gifts

If you ran out of ideas, check out these awesome gadgets that make thoughtful gifts for those special giftees that are hard to shop for.

There’s that person on your list that has special and / or unique taste. If you want to get them a thoughtful gift and don’t want to settle for just a gift card (those make great gifts), here are a few great everyday life / items that make great gifts.

JBL Cinema SB350 Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer

JBL Cinema SB350 SoundBar - Analie Cruz subwoofer front

I am always talking about music on the go, and wireless speaker for your basic audio needs. But for those that enjoy full and rich sound when watching TV, they will enjoy a soundbar and subwoofer to get fuller sound. It connects via HDMI to keep the cable clutter down, and also pairs with devices via bluetooth to play music wirelessly. It has “Harman Volume” that smoothes out sudden changes in volume. It even learns your TV remote so you don’t have to add to your remote clutter.

Price: $349.95

Motorola Moto Hint Bluetooth Headset

Motorola Moto Hint - Analie Cruz - Guide

This teeny tiny Bluetooth headset keeps you stylish when talkin’ without getting in your way. Use it with “wake up / trigger” phrases (when paired to a Moto X) to the the Moto Hint to great use. It will last you up to 10 hours and has a range of up to 150 feet. It turns on and off when you have it in your ear and when you take it out. If you enjoy using a bluetooth headset and want one that doesn’t get in your way, you’ll enjoy the Moto Hint

Price: $119.99 and up 




Harman Sabre SB 35 Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer

Holiday Gift Guide Lifestyle - Harman Kardon Sabre SB 35 Soundbar

If you’re looking to spend a couple hundred more on your giftee (or yourself) , you can opt for the Harman Kardon Soundbar. The Sabre SB 35 soundbar is a thin, aluminum finished bar with custom Harman drivers that will tune your sound for great depth and rich sound. You can control the soundbar from anywhere in your house with the remote app.

Price: $999.95


Lenovo Horizon 2e All-In-One Desktop

Holiday Gift Guide - Lifestyle Gifts - lenovo desktop horizon _2e

If you’re afraid to make the commitment to a desktop computer, the Lenovo Horizon 2e All-In-One might change your mind. Think of this as a portable desktop. The Lenovo Horizon 2e AIO offers all the great features of a powerful desktop but with the ability to move around you home. What makes it stand out is that it works wirelessly too. Just like a laptop you can charge it and use it for a few hours with no cables. The adjustable hinge on the back of the multi-touch touch-screen allows you to put the screen at different viewing positions for different uses and users. Get work done or have a fun game of air hockey with the versatile all-in-one.Starting at $749 this powerful and portable desktop is a great for a family of different tastes.

Price: $749 and up

Destiny (Video Game)

If there is a gamer on your list, Destiny is a great choice for a game. From the creators of Halo and Call of Duty, Destiny is set to be one of the most popular games this holiday season. It’s available for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and XBox 360
Destiny casts players as a Guardian of the last city on Earth, able to explore the ancient ruins of our solar system in a social, living universe filled with other players. Players will journey through environments spanning the red dunes of Mars to the lush jungles of Venus while creating their own legend as they and their friends venture out into the stars to reclaim the treasures and secrets lost after the collapse of humanity. Over the course of their adventures, players will become more powerful as they wield rare and exotic weapons, gear, and super abilities.  

Price: $49.99 and up


Seagate Wireless Plus

Holiday Gift Guide Lifestyle - Seagate Wireless-Plus-Hard Drive - Cruz

Give the gift of all-access. With the Seagate Wireless Plus portable hard drive, you have access to all your files as long as you have a WiFi connection. With a long-lasting battery (up to 10 hours), the Seagate app and a personal Wifi connection created by the Wireless Plus harddrive, you will always have access to your most important content. Wireless Plus creates a personal Wi-Fi network, so you can stream your media and files to your tablet or smartphone Use the Wireless Plus Mobile Storage as a Wi-Fi hub and share a single Internet connection with up to 7 tablets, smartphones and computers. You can get it in configurations of 500 GB, 1 TB, or 2 TB starting at $149.99

Price: $149.99 and up


Ninja Blender

Holiday-Gift-Guide-Lifestyle - Nutri Ninja Blender System

If you want to give the gift of health (or an option of a healthy meal) and wellness, the Ninja Blender is a great choice. With many different options and combinations depending on what your giftee needs, there is something to get from Ninja Kitchen. With their new Auto IQ technology, the Ninja Blender makes sure to get the most out of your ingredients. The innovative Auto-iQ programs incorporate smart technology cycles which produce unique, timed pulsing, blending, and resting patterns that allow ingredients to fall closer to the blades and enable consistent, smoother results. It even recognizes which jar is being used to determine what’s the most efficient program to use. You can get the Nutri-Ninja (with 3 different cups), Nutri-Ninja – Ninja Blender (3 cups and blender), and the Nutri-Ninja which is includes the 3 cups, blender, and food processor

Starting at $149.99


Tempur-Pedic NeckPillow

Holiday Gift Guide - Lifestyle Gifts -Tempurpedic Travel NeckPillow

For the person on your list who travels often. Why not get them something they’d love to pack. The Tempur-Pedic NeckPillow is travel-sized so it’s small enough to pack but big enough to provide comfort when away from home. The Tempur-pedic Neck pillow has an ergonomically-contoured shape developed by doctors to promote proper alignment and support. It also helps relieve shoulder, neck and back pain by allowing neck and shoulder muscles to relax completely. You can also get them the travel pillow, or the Better Travel Gift Set to cover basic travelling comforts.

Price: $79.99