JBL Adds New Headphones to Product Lineup (#CES2015)

JBL Audio has announced some new headphones and speakers at CES 2015 #CES2015

CES 2015 is full of announcements. JBL (we’ve reviewed some of their products here) has a few new additions as well. Check out some of the announcements

JBL Go Wireless Speaker

JBL Go - Orange - Analie Cruz


This small wireless speaker is related to JBL Clip. It’s meant for small wireless fun. It’s available for just $29.95. Connects via bluetooth and canplay up to 5 hours. It has a lanyard hook for easy toting. Dimensions (H x W x D): 68.3 x 82.7 x 30.8 mm (2.68 x 3.25 x 1.21 inches). black, red, orange, pink, gray, blue, yellow and teal.

Check it out on JBL.com


JBL 210BT headphones



The JBL 210BT wireless headphones may look like others but these are the first headphones to control audio with the wave of your hand. These headphones are more lifestyle based. The eartips are made to be comfortable for long wear time. More information coming soon.


JBL Aware Headphones


the JBL Aware earbuds also look like regular wireless headphones but these are the first headphones to have noise cancelling technology without batteries. It connects through either lightning cable or MicroUSB (depending on the phone of course). That means no battery box making the earbuds a lot lighter than other noise-cancelling earbuds out there.
The JBL Reflect Aware™ headphones redefine the meaning of a focused workout. These headphones deliver sound isolation with form fitting ear tips and active noise cancelling technology when you want the ability to drown out the world around you and focus only on your workout. With the JBL Ambient Aware app, the athlete can mix ambient noise in with the active noise cancelling, giving him better control of what he hears, so he can remain focused on his workout knowing that he will hear important sounds when he needs to. JBL Ambient Aware app, not only gives the athlete control of the ambient noise level, but also custom EQ settings to create the perfect audio sound for your workout.