2015 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Tech Edition

If you want to spice up your gifts this Valentine's Day but stick with a V-Day theme, here are some gadgets that we think your Valentine would love!

I don’t know about your Valentine, but I want more than chocolates and dinner (not saying that’s not good), but if you really want to impress your Valentine I say go all out.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S

samsung-galaxy tab s 10.5 tablet - att-at&t-analie cruz

What’s not to love about the Galaxy Tab S? So why not share the love? The latest tablet from Samsung is thin and lightweight; coming in at less than a pound. It also and takes multitasking to a whole other level with multi-window allowing you to get the most out of your tablet.

With Multi-User mode, the Galaxy Tab S can be shared around the house. Multi-User mode allows for multiple accounts to be created. The accounts can be secured with the fingerprint scanner. You can even create an account that is safe for kids to use with Kids Mode which allows you to use parental controls on the content.

Let’s not forget that although the Galaxy Tab S is pretty on the outside (available in dazzling white, or titanium bronze) with a 1600 x 2560 resolution, it’s beautiful on the inside as well. The Galaxy Tab S has a powerful quad-core processor and 3 GB RAM. Beauty and power in a sleek device make a great gift for Valentine’s Day.

You can go for the 8.4″ inch tablet or the 10.5 inch tablet.

Learn more on Samsung.com and / or Amazon.com



Logitech Keys to Go

2015 - Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Logitech Keys to Go  Keyboard for iPad - Analie Cruz


If your Valentine has iPad make it a bit more useful with this portable keyboard. This super thin keyboard fits in any bag. The fabric skin material can take on any spills and messes. It’s easy to clean. You can stay in the Valentine’s Day theme and get it in red, go a little brighter with teal, or get the ever popular black.

Buy from Logitech or Amazon.com

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - White Stock

I reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 late last year. Samsung knows what they’re doing in the “phablet” department. The Galaxy Note 4 offers you tons of features that make having a smartphone worthwhile. The 5.7 inch quad HD screen is is a joy to watch videos on. The Galaxy Note 4 has powerful cameras too. The 16 megapixel rear facing camera has OIS and records in 4K so you get the most out of your images and video. The 3.9 front-facing camera is great for selfies.

My favorite thing about the Galaxy Note 4 is the stylus of course. Use it to note-take efficiently with Photo Note. The S-Pen (stylus) is easy to use and doesn’t feel to awkward in hand. Multi-window makes great use of the big screen. Open multiple apps and get more done on the go.

 Learn more at Samsung.com

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

2015 - Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Samsung Galaxy Note Egde Smartphone - Analie Cruz

If you like what the Galaxy Note 4 has to offer with a bit of innovation, you might want to consider giving the Galaxy Note Edge a try. It has many of the great features like the Note 4 but with a little twist. Like the name says, the right edge of the screen is curved. It works individually from the main screen. You can set it up to do different things such as getting notifications, news and stock alerts, music player controls, and more.


 Learn more at Samsung.com


JBL Charge 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

2015 - Valentine's Day Gift Guide - JBL Charge 2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker  - Analie Cruz


We also reviewed this speaker recently. Play your favorite love songs with and for each other using the speaker’s social mode setting. You can check out the review here to see why we love this speaker. You can get it in red or purple to keep in line with the V-Day theme. Starting at $140

Buy from JBL.com or Amazon.com


Incipio Octane iPhone 6 Case

Incipio Octane iPhone 6 Case - analie cruz

If you don’t want to cover your iPhone but want to protect it (and add a splash of color) you or your Valentine might like the Octane Case by Incipio. It does a great job of giving you sleek protection without covering your iPhone. Finished with a frosted transparent back and contrasting colorful bumper, the Octane™ Case takes protection to the next level.

Buy from Incipio.com


Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Type Cover Keyboard

Microsoft Type Cover Keyboard for Surface Pro 3 Purple- Analie Cruz

If your Valentine has a Surface Pro 3 (hint hint) you can get festive with the red  or purple Type Cover for the SP3. The Type Cover transforms your Surface Pro 3 into a full-on computer. It helps make it either the most portable laptop, or the best equipped tablet. Even though the keyboard is super thin, it’s backlit and snaps on quickly with its magnetic connection. Starting at $129.99

Buy from Microsoft.com

Kate Spade Slip Sleeve for Surface Pro 3

Kate Spade for Surface Pro 3 - Analie Cruz

For your fashionable Valentine, the Kate Spade Slip Sleeve is a great way to tote your Surface Pro around. If you want to style up your gadget you will enjoy the slip sleeve. You can get it in pink and orange or black and pink. It has a nice thin fit as well.

Buy from Microsoft.com




2015 - Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Tile Tracker - Analie Cruz

Keep tabs on the things you love with Tile. Tile makes a cute gift for your Valentines who is always misplacing his/her keys, phone, or remote. They can always think of you when they find their device after misplacing it.. Starting at $25.

Buy from Tile or Amazon.com


Beats by Dre Solo2 Royal Edition (Blush Rose)

2015 - Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Beats by Dre - Analie Cruz

Beats revamped their Solos headphone line last year and they have been doing collaborations and special colors. For keeping with the Valentine’s Day theme I recommend the Royal Edition Blush Rose beats. She will love this color and the new look of the Solo2 headphones. Built a lot sturdier than before and fitting a lot more comfortably, she’ll join the Beats crowd but stand out with this beautiful color.

Buy from Beatsbydre.com or Amazon.com


Speck CandyShell and Faceplate Case

Speck CandyShell + Faceplate iPhone 6 Case - analie cruz

Get your phone (and your Valentine’s phone) dressed up for the holiday both in front and the back. The Speck CandyShell case Faceplate cover your iPhone in a beautiful color front and back. You’re also getting military grade protection. The CandyShell case has shock-absorbent lining and corners. The raised bezel helps protect your screen too.

Buy from SpeckProducts.com




Jabra Sports Pulse Wireless Earbuds

Jabra SPORT Pulse Wireless (3)

If you love hearing your Valentine’s heartbeat, give them the gift that monitors heart-rate. The Jabra Sports Pulse Wireless headphones (earbuds) have a built-in biometric heart-rate monitor. Your Valentine can continue with his/her New Year’s resolution by using these earbuds along with the app to get real-time voice coaching. Or you can just use them to listen to music. Starting at $199

Buy from Jabra.com or Amazon.com



Sony Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker

2015 - Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Sony Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker- Analie Cruz

Need a little speaker with tons of sound for your Valentine’s Day date (or gift), the Sony Ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker will get the job done. It’s connects via NFC and has speakerphone capabilities as well.

Learn more at Sony



Carte Blanche Pochette “Croc” Crossbody Clutch

2015 - Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Carte Blanche Pochette Croc crossbody clutch for iphone- Analie Cruz

Fashionable accessories always make great gifts. She can even wear it on your V-Day date. Carte Blanche cross-body has gold accents. It can come with a case for the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus (or no device case at all).

Learn more Carteblanche.com