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We're sure you heard about the Apple Watch. Check out pricing, features, and availability. #AppleWatch

As you probably already heard Apple announced the features and pricing of the new Apple Watch. The rumors were pretty much spot on when it came to availability and pricing. As you recall from the announcement event, there are 3 collections to choose from. The standard collection, the Sport edition and the premium edition.

Apple Watch - Watch Edition Collection



  • Battery Life: One of the most asked about questions was battery life. Apple expects the watch to last up 18 hours. So a nightly charge along with your iPhone is a must.
  • It will work with ApplePay and other features such as being able to open your hotel room key
  • Shazam” songs from the watch
  • Digital Connect: Allows you to connect with other Apple watches and send messages and email
  • Love Taps: Send customized vibration taps to a loved one
  • Basics: Take calls, read and answer emails.

Apple Watch - Sketch - Analie Cruz


  • There are two sizes to choose from on all collections, that is 38mm and 42mm.
  • With these collections you get different choices of bands and materials, just like many of the smartwatches out there (leather, metal, etc.).


Pricing and Availability of the Apple Watch

You can pre-order the Apple Watch starting April 10th. It will be available on April 24th. As for pricing:

  • Apple Watch: Starts at $549 and up
  • Apple Watch Sports Edition: $349 and up
  • Apple Watch Edition: $10,000 and up
Apple Watch Edition Watch - Analie Cruz
Apple Watch Edition Watch – Premium edition


Your pricing will of course vary with the base and size of your watch. Bands will alternate in price as well. Most importantly don’t forget to update your iPhone to iOS 8.2 to be able to download the Watch app which will allow you to do the customization you’d like.

For now I say that I am good with the Apple Watch Sport Edition. I prefer gold watches, so I am outta luck on this one.  I have a few AndroidWear watches so I don’t see the point of getting the Apple Watch yet. We’ll see once they’re on the market.

Let us know which edition you plan on getting, that’s if you’re getting an Apple Watch at all.

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