Red Bull Battle Grounds Is Back, New City, New Game

Red Bull Battle Grounds is best known for their remarkable eSports tournaments, the company has hosted a number of StarCraft 2 tournaments,

each one better than the one before it. As we enter the fourth season, of the Red Bull Battle Grounds series the company has decided to add a new game to the tournaments roster. For the first time, this eSpoorts series will now feature two competitive circuits that will be featured from coast-to-coast. Which game has been added?

Dota 2 will now be featured in the Red Bull Battle Grounds tournaments. San Francisco is where the grand finals will be held, on May 10th you can see an introduction for Dota 2. Now, the second tournament circuit will bring back an old favorite, Blizzard Entertainment’ real-time strategy game, StarCraft II to Red Bull Battle Grounds later in the year.

The first Red Bull Battle Grounds: Dota 2 invitational tournament circuit will reach its highest point in a one day final on May 10th at The Warfield Theatre in San Francisco. Twenty pro teams were invited, each representing the best of the best from five regions from around the world. These teams will go head-to-head to for the $75 thousand prize purse.

The selected teams will fight it out through a weekly series that consist of online group battles which feature five regions-North America, China, South East Asia, EU and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). The five teams emerging in this global showdown will advance to the playoffs at the Red Bull eSports Studio kicking off May 5th in Santa Monica, CA, to represent their region. The company is trying to keep the series fresh and exciting, so this time around each team will enter in the ring with three lives. The Competitors will be given one opportunity to choose which opposing team they will battle, making it a little more personal, which may cause new rivals.

The two teams that remain will come face-to-face yet again on May 10th in San Francisco for the final battle of the series, played out in front of a live audience of fans, or if you can’t make it out there you can tune in at home.


For those of you who can make it out to the event, Red Bull Battles Grounds will have a kick off with the one-of-a-kind Pro-Am event, the Red Bull LAN. Taking place on May 9th at the AFK Lounge in San Jose, this combination pre-party and scrimmage invites Dota 2 fans to a day of combat and, for a 100 participant LAN.

When the winning team is crowned and the confetti falls (love this part) on this first Red Bull Battle Grounds: Dota 2, the series will return to with (yes, you guessed it) Red Bull Battle Grounds: StarCraft II, heading to Washington D.C. this Fall.

Red Bull Battle Grounds: Dota 2 tickets are on sale now giving spectators a front row seat to this elite exhibition of eSports talent. Multiple ticket types and prices are available, and can be purchased by visiting Red Bull Battle Grounds. If you never attend a Battle Ground tournament, you have no idea what you’re missing!
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