Hi-Rez Studios Announces New SMITE Patch Reveling New A God: Ah Puch

Smite fans have a lot to look forward to. Today Hi-Rez studios announced a new patch for their popular Free-to-Play MOBA game, SMITE: Battle Grounds of the Gods. In the patch “Rise My Minions” players will get to see the new God, Ah Punch, Horrific God of Decay, from the depths of the ninth hell, so yes fans, we have a whole new God to master!

Ah Punch, is the king of the underworld and a merciless necromancer, he summons the dead and can also wield their corpse, yes you read that right. He can also sacrifice personal defense and escape utility to rain down a damaging AOE burst of damage onto his enemies. This will leave your enemies in a crippling state for those who don’t succumb to his powerful dark magic. Ah Punch is very different from the Gods fans have played before, very dark, but very interesting and proves to be a problem for other gods.

In the patch “Rise My Minions!” it will include a handful of general fixes and new customization to unlock. Players can look forward to New God skins and voice packs which are now available for Kawaii Pop Bastet, Void Wyrm Kukulkan, Executioner Nemesis and Ah Puch, with additional God skins for Desert Queen Serqet, SPL Xbalanque and Death Mask Ah Puch.

It also introduces Achievements to SMITE available through the Player Profile screen. There are over 100 Lifetime, Combat, Objective and Kill-based Achievements to complete.

Players can now unlock the new Season Ticket bundle and receive two SPL Xbalanque skins, the Season Ticket Loading Frame and access to the Season Ticket Fantasy Game. Now for every ticket purchased contributes $2.50 to the general prize pool for Season 2 eSport competitions. The Summer Split of the Pro League begins May 14, 2015, and features seven weeks of play with 16 games per week. The Season Ticket will also cover the third and final Split of the Season, leading up to the World Championship.

“Rise My Minions!” Patch part of Season 2 of SMITE is now live on PC.