SMITE Enters Closed Beta For The Xbox One

Good news for Smite fans! Today the guys over at Hi-Rez have announced that their hit MOBA game, Smite, Battle of the Gods has now entered the closed beta phase for the Xbox One. As the company gets ready to for its full launch later this year, players who have taken part in the alpha phase, or was selected for the closed beta will get a special treat of new updates, features and content, along with Xbox One exclusives made only for console play.

The SMITE in-game marketplace is now accessible on the Xbox One, players can now buy Gems, currency which allows you to buy new God’s, skins and much more. For those of you looking to obtain all God’s you can get the SMITE Founder’s Pack, which gives you instant access to the closed beta.

The bundle is priced at $29.99 and will give you over $50 worth of content, which includes: every God that’s currently in the game, which is 63 as of right now, and all future God’s that have yet to be announced; 400 Gems; and two exclusive skins, Ares “Soldier of War” skin and the Limited Ymir “Cacodemon X” Skin. The Founder Pack will only be available for a limited time and will not be available when the game fully launches on the Xbox One later this year. The good news is, all of your progress, achievements and purchases earned during the closed beta will transfer over into the full launch version.

Now, for all of you PC players the company is offering a one-time account merge option, which will allow you to copy and select progress and items from your SMITE PC accounts to your Xbox One account. If you choose to link your accounts, you will receive a free Zeus Xbox One skin for both platforms. If you need more information on how to go about linking your accounts you can go to Account Transfer FAQ.

Hope to see you guys out on the battle field!