“Enjoy” Service – Gadget Expertise and Guidance, Now Available With AT&T

Enjoy Experts help you get the most out of gadgets. Your Enjoy guides you from basics to features. Learn more here.
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As a techie I’ve grown comfortable playing with gadgets. Learning about them and setting them up comes easily to me. Being able to get hands-on experience with so many types of devices had helped learning and adapting curves be even more minimal.
I know that isn’t the case for everyone. Often times when helping some family members and friends, I realize they need more help than I can offer. I can initially power on a device and get the ball rolling, but there’s so much to do after that. It’s even harder when you’re doing it over the phone or over a video call. I’ve been there, trust me when I say it’s a frustrating experience.
I was recently told about this service called EnjoyA whole new way to buy and ENJOY technology”. And it’s pretty much the solution to this common problem that for a while seemed impossible to conquer.

What is Enjoy AKA Go Enjoy?​

Go Enjoy Service - Analie Cruz

Enjoy is a helpful service that helps you when you buy a new gadget product. The people from Enjoy are called Enjoy experts. These experts are like Friendly human manuals. When you order your product (everything from a speaker, to laptops, to phones from AT&T) you schedule your  visit with your Enjoy Expert at a desired time, which is your delivery date and time (Appointments are setup for 1 hour increments daily between 8am – 8pm).

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Enjoy Service – AT&T – Ron Johnson (bottom right)


Created by Ron Johnson (on the right with the light blue shirt) who helped with the idea of the Apple Store, Enjoy is supposed to bring the same service / guidance with your next product. They also help “Enjoyers” (people who use Enjoy service) make the most out of the gadget. If the Enjoyer understands the gadget and all of its benefits, the return rate, and buyer’s remorse is lower.

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Where is Enjoy Service Offered?

Right now you can schedule a visit with an Enjoy Expert in San Francisco, and New York City areas. You can check out where they are HERE: Go Enjoy Locations. You can book through Enjoy’s website or through AT&T (online only). You need a place that has a power outlet and WiFi available, and of course ID.


My Enjoy Experience

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You can pick the date and time to meet. Your enjoy expert brings your device. You can pick the place as well, a coffee shop, a coworking space, or even your apartment. In this case, my Enjoy expert Chris, brought the Samsung Galaxy S6 (AT&T) for me to try. He chatted about the phone, and AT&T’s services.
Reviewing phones often, I’ve gotten used to the setup process, but I let Chris guide me into setting up an Android device.
As expected, I needed very little guidance but Chris assured me that he could help me (or any Go Enjoy customer) with guidance in adding or setting up a  Gmail account. There’s also looking for the Google Play Store, updating the apps and downloading essential apps to keep going. Basically all the functions from making a call, to surfing the Web, to snapping and sharing pictures. Chris also assured me if there was something he wasn’t sure about or needed help with, he could call the Enjoy headquarters for help and guidance.
For a novice entering the smartphone world these seemingly easy tasks aren’t so easy to pick up on. Chris seemed to have the patient personality to get through these little steps with comfort and understanding. For those who don’t understand the flow of things, a visit with an Enjoy Expert can help with those “ooh” and “aha” moments. Chris was awesome. Meet Chris here:
I got to meet a few of the other Enjoy experts at an open house, and they all seem cool, knowledgeable and ready to chat about tech. You can meet the Enjoy Experts HERE


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