Contrast & Pix The Cat Make Their Way Onto The Nvidia Shield

Nvidia has promised to continue updating their library for their Nvidia Shield device, Nvidia Shield Android TV and they’ve kept their word by recently releasing two new games made to be played on Shield devices. The company launched their new service called GeForce Now, a service that offers any one of the Shield devices to stream games for a small price, $7.99. Nvidia added two new games into the library, one should be familiar to some if you were a PC gamer. The other is another familiar face, especially if you are one of those gamers that go through Steam. Since these two games were made for PC play, how will these games hold on an Android device?



This game will take some players back, Contrast is a puzzle/platform game. The game is set in the 1920’s where players can switch between a 3D and 2D world. Players will follow a personal story between mother and daughter. In a third-person view, you will guide your character through different stages, but here’s the catch-at one point, you will have to guide your own shadow through walls. This is where the 3D-to-2D comes into play, you will tamper with the light sources as well as shadows in the 3D world, this is the only way you can affect the 2D stage.

As you progress through the game, you will you earn a few new abilities that you must put to use in order to advance in the game. New abilities will include a dash move-this will let you pass through thin shadows, you will also have the ability to pick up boxes or spheres and shift them into shadow form.

If you loved playing Contrast on PC and console systems, you would love reliving the game on Nvidia’s SHIELD Android TV powered by NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor. Contrast is a great addition to the companies’ library, and if it wasn’t for Nvidia bringing the game to its shield devices, I wouldn’t remember how much fun it is.

Price: $14.99

Pix the Cat


The next game to be released on the Nvidia Shield, Pix the Cat. Bringing back that old Arcade feeling, Pix the cat is always on the move, you will control and pick the direction Pix moves. The game has a Pac-Man feel to it, collect eggs, deposit them in the targeted holes, but here’s the tricky part, you have to do this without crashing into them or the wall. Now, if you can pick-up all the ducklings before depositing them into the holes, you will be able to receive a combo bonus.

As you progress through the game, you will pick up speed, this helps you in the game so you can go deeper which will allow for better opportunities to get a higher score. Pix the Cat comes with three other modes as well. Arcade mode, Nostalgia mode, and Laboratory mode, each one offers a different gaming experience. You can also have friends join in on the fun with up to four players competitive play. I’ve always had a sweet spot for arcade games, and with Pix the Cat having over 70 levels I played the game for most of the day. Before I knew it most of my day had just gone by.

Price: $9.99