Microsoft Introduces Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book at Windows 10 Devices Event

Microsoft Introduced the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Pro 3 today. Learn more about them.

Microsoft announced a few new things at their Windows 10 devices event. I already told you about the new flagship phones (Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL). But what many wanted to know about was  the Surface line. Microsoft did announce the Surface Pro 4. It’s lighter, thinner, and of course more powerful than the Surface Pro 3.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4
Microsoft Surface Pro 4

It comes with Gorilla Glass 4 on the screen, but the Surface Pro 4 remains a thin, yet powerful Intel Core PC (6th gen processor). The new type cover has a fingerprint scanner and the keys are more notebook-ish. You can crank up the storage on the Pro 4. You can go up to 1TB storage and 16GB of memory for a powerful laptop. As for performance Microsoft claims it runs smoother, and cooler. It has the 5MP front facing camera and 8 megapixel rear facing camera for video chatting and taking pictures (try not to take pictures with a tablet).


As for connectivity. The Surface Pro 4 has 1 USB 3.0 port, a mini display port, headset jack, and of course the charging/ docking port.

Exceptional performance. With the new 6th Generation Intel® Core™ m, Core™ i5, and Core™ i7 processors, Surface Pro 4 is not only more powerful than Surface Pro 3 — it’s quieter, runs cooler, and is even more efficient. With up to nine hours of battery life for video playback and the optional Surface Pro 4 Type Cover (sold separately), you can get more work done without interruption.

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Surface Pro 4 Pricing and Availability

You can preorder the Surface Pro 4 today starting at $899. It will be available on October 26th. $899 will get you 128 GB 6th Generation Intel® Core™ M3 with 4 GB of RAM.
256 GB 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 with 8 GB of RAM will run you $1,299.

Learn more about the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 here 

Surface Book 

There were many who aren’t convinced with the Surface 2-in-1 format with the type cover, they might want to take a look at the new Surface Book. It has a 13.5 inch display, so it’s not too small, or too large. With a notebook-type build, the Surface Book is for those who enjoy the feel of a traditional laptop. What’s interesting about the Surface Book is that the screen is still detachable. Microsoft promises up to 12 hours of battery life on the Surface Book. As a Surface lineup fan, I am psyched to get further time with these devices.

Microsoft Surface Book
Microsoft Surface Book

Meet Surface Book, Microsoft’s laptop redefined. Designed with the quality and workmanship that have characterized Surface from the beginning, Surface Book combines 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 and Core™ i7 processors and up to 1 TB of storage with Intel® HD graphics 520, optional discrete NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics, an integrated backlit keyboard, responsive glass trackpad, and detachable screen-turned-tablet featuring a 13.5-inch PixelSense™ Display. Starting at $1,499, Surface Book is a high-performance laptop with exceptional power and unprecedented versatility that flexes to meet the demands of your work — from the art studio to the board room. 

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Surface Book Pricing and Availability

You can preorder today starting at $1,499. Pre-Order the Surface Book HEREIt will be available on October 26th
$1,499 will get you 128 GB 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 with 8 GB of RAM.
256 GB 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 with 8 GB of RAM will run you $1,899.

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What’s the difference? 

You probably see these two devices and wonder what’s the difference between the two. First let’s start with what’s in the box. The Surface Book comes with the keyboard included, as the Surface Pro 4 does NOT.The Surface Pro 4 now comes with the stylus. The Surface Book is a more premium device in terms of build and design.

Positioning is another difference between the two. The Surface Pro 4 has the kickstand for various positions and help with “lapability”. The Surface Book is also flexible thanks to the “dynamic fulcrum” hingecan be attached in reverse for a more “clipboard” feel. Overall the Surface Book gives you the traditional laptop feel and design.

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