Jetpack Fighter: Hi-Rez Studios New Mobile Game Trailer

Today Hi-Rez Studios opened up with their most anticipated tournament of the season revealing some new details on the company’s latest title and first mobile game, Jetpack Fighter. The game release was announced this morning by COO and co-founder Todd Harris via Twitch. Jetpack Fighter is a swipe-to-attack game with high-speed platformer with gear progression.

In Jetpack Fighter, players will collect and unlock new fighters and weapons as they progress in their quest to defeat the evil robots plaguing Mega City. After besting every baddie and boss on each chosen mission, players will be able to return to collect more loot or compete against other players in time trials as well as endless mode gameplay. The company plans to position and support Jetpack Fighter as an emerging eSport in the mobile games space. Hi-Rez will go into more detail about the game entering the mobile eSports scene later in the year.

The company has also revealed their cast of characters – Jetpack Fighter’s heroine, Leona, will not only be a character for the new mobile game, but will also appear in SMITE as an alternate skin for the goddess Nemesis, and Nemesis will be a playable character in Jetpack Fighter.

The game is available today in all English-speaking countries and is a free-to-download title on select iOS devices via the App Store; with additional platforms to follow in the coming months.

You can check out the Jetpack Fighter’s gameplay trailer here.